Will You Be #2287’s Valentine?

Posted on by PETA

“2287” is not a mere number. It is the “name” given to a monkey who has been confined to a cramped, barren, rusty cage at All India Institute of Medical Sciences’ (AIIMS) Central Animal Facility for nearly two decades. Monkeys at AIIMS are not even granted the respect of being given a name – numbers are tattooed on their chests instead.

In this Dilwalon ki Dilli, no one wants to be alone on Valentine’s Day – and #2287 is no exception. Lonely and miserable, she has been deprived of the ability to engage in activities that are natural and important to her, such as socialising, climbing trees and foraging for food.

This Valentine’s Day, ask the director of AIIMS to have a heart for #2287 and retire her and other monkeys imprisoned at AIIMS to a sanctuary where they can spend the rest of their days (and every Valentine’s Day to come) in a natural setting with other monkeys.