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PETA India Moves Supreme Court With New Investigations Into Jallikattu, Kambala and Bull Races

PETA India’s new investigations into jallikattu, kambala, and the Maharashtra bull races once again revealed extreme cruelty to animals and disregard for human life.

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India’s Monkeys Threatened by Foreign Animal Experimenters Need Protection

Join us in requesting that Prime Minister Narendra Modi reinstate and strengthen protections removed from rhesus macaque monkeys in the Wild Life (Protection) Amendment Act, 2022.

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PETA India’s Ellie the Animatronic Elephant Is Educating Children About Kindness

Dia Mirza voices life-size, animatronic elephant Ellie for PETA India.

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PETA India Investigates 2022 Jallikattu Events – Again Proves It’s Cruel

PETA India’s 2022 investigation into jallikattu events proves yet again that the cruel sport harms both bulls and humans.

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Investigation: How Geese Are Slaughtered for ‘Responsible’ Down

A PETA Asia investigation shows that terrified geese are decapitated with an axe so their down can fill pillows, coats, and sleeping bags.

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New Investigation Reveals the Heartbreaking Cruelty of Dogfights

Dogfighting is cruel and illegal—join PETA India in putting an end to it by taking action now.

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