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Urgent: Help Strengthen Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act

India’s most vulnerable beings are suffering because of weak penalties for cruelty to animals. Please join us in demanding stronger punishments for animal abusers.

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PETA Asia Exposes Gruesome, Shocking Abuse in Global Snakeskin Trade

A shocking PETA Asia investigation shows workers inflating snakes to death with compressed air – all for “luxury” leather.

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PETA India’s New Deal to Revamp Biomedical Research and Regulatory Testing – India Must Act Now

Experiments on animals are cruel – and they don’t help humans or animals. Scientists with PETA India and our affiliates have the solution to the problem.

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Monkeys Chained, Abused for Coconut Milk

If your coconut milk comes from Thailand, you might be unwittingly supporting cruelty: A PETA Asia investigation shows that the industry exploits and abuses monkeys.

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PETA Germany Exposes Gruelling, Shocking Abuse in Global Leather Trade

A shocking investigation released by PETA Germany exposes the extreme cruelty live animals endure as they’re shipped around the world to be killed for leather.

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