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PETA India Investigates 2022 Jallikattu Events – Again Proves It’s Cruel

PETA India’s 2022 investigation into jallikattu events proves yet again that the cruel sport harms both bulls and humans.

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Investigation: How Geese Are Slaughtered for ‘Responsible’ Down

A PETA Asia investigation shows that terrified geese are decapitated with an axe so their down can fill pillows, coats, and sleeping bags.

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New Investigation Reveals the Heartbreaking Cruelty of Dogfights

Dogfighting is cruel and illegal—join PETA India in putting an end to it by taking action now.

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New Investigation Shows How the Egg and Meat Industry Cruelly Kills Chicks

Investigators from PETA India reveal how baby birds are cruelly killed by India’s egg and meat industries.

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Help Ban Animals in Circuses

Please add your voice to PETA’s by letting officials know that all animals who are exhibited or forced to perform in circuses are suffering.

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