Flock of PETA India ‘Sparrows’ Protest Lecture by LSU Experimenter Who Torments and Kills Birds

Posted on by Erika Goyal

Wearing huge sparrow masks and armed with signs reading, “Experimenter Christine Lattin Kills Sparrows in Cruel Tests” and “Brain-Damaging and Scaring Sparrows Isn’t Science,” PETA India supporters gathered outside Chaudhary Charan Singh University, Meerut, during the guest lecture of Louisiana State University (LSU) experimenter Christine Lattin to call attention to her cruel and pointless tests on songbirds – the most recent of which have included injecting them with chemicals that temporarily inactivate a portion of the brain, exposing them to unfamiliar objects that may scare them so she can watch their reactions, killing them all, and chopping up their brains. 

In other experiments carried out at various universities over the last 15 years, Lattin has captured sparrows and other wild birds and deliberately inflicted psychological suffering and pain on them by exposing them to the recorded sounds of their predators, rattling their cages, wounding their legs without pain medication, and forcing them to eat crude oil–laced food. After enduring these experiments, the birds were killed. PETA US has been joined by over 134,000 supporters in calling on LSU to shut down Lattin’s grisly, taxpayer-funded experiments. 

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