PETA India’s Virtual Reality Experience ‘Abduction’ Highlights the Truth Behind Cruel Animal Experiments

Posted on by Erika Goyal

You’ve seen aliens abducting humans and using them in experiments in sci-fi movies. But imagine if you were the one on the table being poked and prodded while helpless, unable to control what was happening to you, and unable to communicate or fight back. That’s pretty terrifying, right? Well, that’s exactly how animals must feel when they’re used in cruel, needless experiments in laboratories. For them, the nightmare is real. That’s why PETA India brought this horror to life with Abduction, a unique virtual reality experience that made its debut at Mumbai Comic Con.

The immersive experience allows viewers to empathise with animals in laboratories by placing them in a similar situation. After putting on a headset, participants enter a virtual reality in which they find themselves stranded in a desert with a few friends, abducted by aliens, and taken aboard a spaceship. There, they watch as their friends are subjected to horrific experiments – inspired by real tests conducted on animals – all while knowing they’ll be next.


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In real-world laboratories, animals like mice, rats, rabbits, and primates are subjected to painful and often deadly experiments. Despite these tests, the US National Institutes of Health reports that 95% of new drugs deemed safe and effective in animal tests fail or cause harm in human clinical trials. This jarring statistic highlights the need for a shift to human-relevant research methods.

PETA India is leading the charge in urging universities and drug testing companies to embrace superior, humane alternatives that do not involve animal suffering.

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