PETA Spotlights Animal-Friendly Fashion at JD Institute–Delhi

Posted on by PETA

In the world of fashion, designs devoid of animals’ hair or skins are popping up everywhere you look. That’s because the global demand for fur has plummeted and sustainable, vegan fashion is on the rise . The latest school to insure its students are at the forefront of fashion by educating them on ethical design is JD Institute of Fashion Technology in Delhi.


Benazir Suraiya, PETA’s associate manager of celebrity and media projects, let students know that working with leather, fur, wool, silk or exotic skins sentences animals to death, and pollutes the earth.

Instead, students took inspiration from the stunning sample of vegan clothing, shoes, accessories and fabrics that Benazir brought for students to experience firsthand. Why kill an animal when you can make cruelty-free silk out of bananas , supple vegan leather out of rubber or cork , and luxurious faux fur out of man-made materials?

Students learned that sustainable, ethical fashion is the future. A growing number of designers refuse to work with leather, including Anita Dongre, Hemant Trivedi, Anupama Dayal, Marc Bouwer and Stella McCartney.

What You Can Do

You don’t have to slaughter an animal to look good. Pledge to lose leather in your life so that animals aren’t abused or killed for your wardrobe.