Guwahati’s JD Institute of Fashion Technology’s Annual Show Says NO to Leather

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PETA India was thrilled to be associated with the annual show of the JD Institute of Fashion Technology in Guwahati, which laid out an incredible display of ethical fashion.

Vegan collection dedicated to PETA 1

Vegan collection dedicated to PETA 2

A vegan collection dedicated to PETA

The fashion show took place at ITA, Machkhowa, Guwahati during which one of the sequences supported PETA’s campaign against leather. A beautiful designer collection used lou sah, a unique fabric extracted from a plant called lou found in Manipur. This fabric is organic, eco-friendly, chemical-free and needless to say no animals are used or harmed in the process.

Benazir with Cow mascot

Benazir Suraiya (PETA India) with the cow mascot

Benazir giving away awards to students

Benazir Suraiya (PETA India) presenting an award to the students


PETA Associate Manager of Celebrity and Media Projects and fashion expert Benazir Suraiya spoke about the leather industry and shared that a vegan fashion show is a great way to raise awareness of the cruelty behind animal-derived materials as well as the vegan options that can easily replace them.

Student volunteer Zaynab Rahman from Sarala Birla Gyan Jyoti School became PETA’s “cow” mascot and marched down the runway carrying a placard to protest the leather industry.

In India, cattle on their way to slaughter are often crammed so tightly onto trucks that they suffocate and die en route. At the slaughterhouse, they are typically killed with dull knives in full view of each other.

What You Can Do to Help

Refuse to contribute to the cruelty of the leather industry. Sign the pledge to be leather-free today: