Fashion-Forward Compassion: PETA India Shines a Spotlight on Vegan Offerings at India Fashion Forum 2024

Posted on by Shreya Manocha

PETA India made a significant impact and turned heads with its vegan fashion-forward booth at this year’s India Fashion Forum (IFF) at Conrad Bengaluru on 21 and 22 February. Launched in 2000, the IFF, India’s largest and most influential fashion retail intelligence event, hosted global leaders from all sectors of the fashion industry. It provided excellent networking opportunities for those invested in the business of fashion.

PETA India exhibited state-of-the-art materials and an extensive range of vegan products, including luxurious TENCEL LUXE vegan silk sarees from Taneira, a stunning vegan handbag and belt made of the plant-based leather Mirum by Anita Dongre, chic vegan leather accessories from couture label JADE by Monica and Karishma, fashionable and playful vegan leather shoes and a handbag from Papa Don’t Preach, apple and cactus leather handbags by Sarjaa, coconut leather materials and products from Malai, banana leather materials and products from Hult Prize winner Banofi Leather, men’s shoes and wallets from premium non-leather brand Ethik, and Cozywalks, and eco- and earth- friendly handbags, belts, and jewellery crafted from cork and banana bark by FOReT. PETA India staffers also spoke to businesses looking to obtain “PETA-Approved Vegan” and Beauty Without Bunnies certifications.

Compassionate fashion means showing respect for all living, feeling beings. Animals caged and killed for their skin are forced to live joyless, traumatic lives and suffer painful, inhumane deaths. Moreover, the industry is environmentally unsustainable: it pollutes the planet and causes widespread damage to biodiversity and human health. But vegan fashion continues to evolve. Vegan silk and leather made from plants look beautiful and feel luxurious, and thanks to brands making a conscious shift towards compassionate and sustainable fashion, they are increasingly accessible.

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