5 Ways PETA Affiliates Are Advancing Science

Posted on by PETA

In honour of National Science Day (28 February), we’ve compiled the following list of the top five ways that PETA affiliates are modernising science in India and around the world:

  1. Ending product tests on animals: Blinding bunnies for mascara or detergent? Not on our watch! Following intense campaigns by PETA India and work by MP Maneka Gandhi, the relevant Bureau of Indian Standards committees decided to remove animal tests from the standards that determine the requirements for cosmetics and household products! Cosmetics and household products tested on animals are still sold in India, though, so check out our list of cruelty-free companies here.
  2. Cutting out dissection: Animals deserve to be left in peace – not pieces. Thanks to PETA India, MP Maneka Gandhi and others, the Ministry of Environment and Forests has issued guidelines to stop dissection completely and experimentation on animals for training both undergraduate and post-graduate students. Despite this measure, dissections have not completely come to an end. Lend a hand here.
  3. Trauma-free trauma and medical training: PETA US has helped medical training programs in nine countries stop cutting apart and killing animals in surgery courses and instead start using life-like human-patient simulators. What’s more, PETA India sponsored a series of free continuing medical-education workshops on alternatives to the use of animals in the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery programmes at numerous Indian medical colleges.
  4. Funding non-animal tests and shareholder resolutions: To date, PETA US has provided more than $1 million in funding for promising non-animal test methods and other alternatives to replace animal testing! And in case there is any question that we seriously mean business, check out the consortium that PETA affiliates created to implement non-animal testing. Another way that PETA US helps animals in laboratories is through its innovative shareholder campaign. PETA US has filed shareholder resolutions covering many animal testing issues with dozens of chemical and pharmaceutical companies.
  5. Rescues: Thanks to PETA India and others, 70 beagles who had been imported from China by Advinus Therapeutics, a pharmaceutical laboratory in Bangalore, were rescued and released to animal-protection groups for adoption!

Show your support for animals who are suffering in laboratories by letting the world know that testing on animals is dead wrong and that you won’t be part of it!