14 Reasons Why YOU Should Date a Meat-Eater

Posted on by PETA


So he’s funny, cute and tattooed – or she’s sweet, smart and all-around wonderful. Sounds like the perfect significant other, right? Oh, wait – your crush eats meat! Don’t give up just yet. The following are 14 reasons why YOU should date a meat-eater:

1. Everyone loves a challenge.


Don’t call it quits. Remember: you used to eat meat, too, so be patient with your crush and help him or her go vegan. Be sure to appreciate every little thing he or she does to help animals and make you happy.

2. It’s SUPER-cute when your honey knows your vegan Starbucks order by heart.


3. Your heart melts when your date takes you to a vegan restaurant.

Find out why The White Owl's House Yellow Curry – complete with eggplant, sweet potato, carrots, kaffir lime and okra – is a fan favourite.

You used Happy Cow? OMG, let’s have babies together!

4. You dream of adopting a companion animal together from an animal shelter.

True love!

5. Veganising your boo’s favourite foods is fun!


Faux-fish curry? DONE. Chocolate walnut brownies? DONE!

6. When your bae scans the menu before you do to make sure that the restaurant has vegan options, it melts your heart.


It’s like you can see right through to my soul.

7. Getting snaps of your boo eating or buying vegan food when you’re not even there makes your day.


And I … will always love you, ooh!

8. When your love starts showing Earthlings to all his or her friends, you know you’ve found your soul mate.


9. You know you’ve found “The One” when your love triple-checks to make sure his or her new shoes aren’t made of animal skin.



10. After all that talking, your significant other wants to learn awesome vegan comebacks! 


11. When he or she takes you to an animal sanctuary, it’s pretty much the most perfect date ever.


Nothing is more romantic than chillin’ with your boo and cute animals. Am I right, or am I RIGHT?!

12. Your sugar bear looks hot wearing an animal rights shirt.


Oh, you fancy compassion, huh?

13. When he or she agrees to go to a protest with you, it’s basically the biggest proof of love you could possibly imagine.


Leafleting and love!

14. It might take a week, three months or a year, but sooner or later, your crush will come around and finally make the switch.


So don’t give up – it’ll happen! Just be sure to keep demonstrating how easy, tasty and fun helping animals can be.