17-Year-Old Pens Poem Asking if Humans and Animals Can Co-Exist

Posted on by Siffer Nandi

Can humans and animals co-exist?

Srishti Jain Kucheria, a 17-year-old artist, entrepreneur, poet, and speaker for TED, thinks so – as long as humans make more of an effort to be kind and considerate. Srishti has written and narrated a thought-provoking poem on the subject to encourage youngsters to speak out whenever animals are treated unjustly.

It’s not the first time Srishti has spoken out about environmental and social issues. When she was just 14, she founded a recyclable and sustainable curio brand called Caught in Colours. She also co-founded a vlog and blog page called TOOBwithPSK (TOOB is short for “Think Out of the Books). A talented artist, she also won a Karin Markers online art contest and a public speaking competition hosted by The Hindu. Not one to remain silent about important issues, Srishti served as the secretary-general of the Chennai Model United Nations in 2022 and vice president of her school’s Interact club, a group affiliated with Rotary Club that engages young people in charitable and volunteering activities.

Impressive, right?

Srishti says she wants to “repay the motherland for everything bestowed on [her] by being a responsible citizen of not just India, but of the world”. She’s doing a pretty great job, if you ask us. Check out the video of her narrating the poem “Animals and Humans, Can They Co-Exist?” or read it for yourself here.


Animals and Humans, Can They Co-Exist

By Srishti Jain Kucheria


When I was young I was taught animals are nature’s beauty

And to protect these voiceless beings is our duty

But when I grew up I could see that they are tortured and abused

Every day for us to be entertained and amused


In the name of religion, entertainment and sport

they are being skinned alive, beheaded and used for transport.


In the name of conservation and progress

We are punishing them with captivity and distress


We have substituted co-existence with selfishness that has made us blind.

Today we are ignorant of being sympathetic and being kind


Do you want to know how?

Let me tell you now.


Raja the hippo of Jumbo circus was blinded mercilessly

Broken and impaired permanently

Courage the dog was assaulted by four

And the black buck case happened not long before

Avni, the tiger was shot dead point blank

But who cares! All they care about is their vote banks


Are we really made of blood and feelings? I can’t understand

Are humanity and justice imaginary words? Why can’t we lend a helping hand

When you flaunt your tiger skin carpet

Your leather pant, crocodile purse or fur jacket

Does it show your wallet, status, and reputation

Or your emotionless heart and need for validation


We all get away, no matter what we do

But how do you get away from your consciousness pointing a finger at you?

Let me ask you this

Do you want to be an animal in your next birth?

Well I am sure, we are one right now, worse than ever, misfit for mother earth

It is easy to quit and blame fate

It is easy to be convinced that it’s too late


So, I know it will take some effort and some time

But please raise your voice, like I have mine

Let’s pass out leaflets, let’s educate

Let’s go vegetarian, ban leather and demonstrate.

Because it is high time we stop the kill

Remember if we don’t act, who will?


Why don’t we all take Srishti’s advice and raise our voices, like she raises hers? Join PETA India’s activist network and speak up for animals whenever they are abused and exploited.