Why Spiritual Leader Brahmarishi Mohanji Encourages Vegan Eating

Posted on by PETA

A vegan, Brahmarishi Mohanji has inspired the opening of a vegan café called Ahimsa as well as the creation of Vegan First – India’s first online portal for vegans. We also love his message: “[W]e are one family … [w]ith all the species that we share this world with”. And now he has won PETA India’s Most Influential Vegan award.

In a video on eating vegan, Brahmarishi Mohanji discusses the cruelty of the dairy industry:

We take the calf away from the mother. Mother is very unhappy. The calf is sometimes killed. [He] is unhappy. And then we are extracting the milk out of the cow. The mother cow is feeling injustice all the time. [She’s] feeling torture. [She] is not feeling happy. And that milk is coming into your body. Do you think you will have a good life? That is the cause of diseases. Because the vibration that is coming inside is creating diseases. This is exactly why I am propagating veganism.

Brahmarishi Mohanji is right. The consumption of meat, eggs, and dairy is responsible for animal suffering on a massive scale. Fish are suffocated or cut open while they’re still alive, chickens used for eggs are confined to cages so small they can’t spread a single wing, and calves are taken away from their mothers shortly after birth on “modern” dairy farms so that humans can steal the milk meant for them.

In addition to sparing animals’ lives, eating vegan reduces the risk of suffering from cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and obesity; helps fight climate change by reducing greenhouse-gas emissions; and even helps prevent future pandemics. COVID-19 is largely believed by experts to have stemmed or spread from a live-animal meat market in China, and SARS, swine flu, and bird flu have also been linked to confining and killing animals for food.


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