::The Climate Is Changing, and We Must Change With It::

The food you eat says a lot about your carbon footprint, which is why this 22 April, PETA India is launching “Go Vegan for Earth” Day, a campaign urging everyone to eat vegan for the day – at least.

Earth Day FAQs

What Is Earth Day?

Fifty-four years ago, 20 million Americans celebrated the inaugural Earth Day when they took to the streets to demonstrate for a clean, liveable environment. Now, Earth Day activism is global and comes in many different forms. This year, whether you’re hosting an Earth Day luncheon, getting a to-go latte in a reusable coffee mug instead of a disposable one, or taking a turn cooking dinner for your roommates, choosing vegan foods and drinks is the way to do good for the planet.

Every individual who eats vegan saves up to 4164 litres of water, nearly 18 kilograms of grain, and nearly 10 square metres of forested land each day. So if planet Earth means the world to you (see what we did there?), do it a favour: try vegan!

What Is the Earth Day 2024 Theme?

The theme this year is “Planet vs Plastics”. The trash – especially plastics – accumulating in our neighbourhoods and the oceans and on beaches has created a global crisis. Many animals, including cows and marine life, are affected by the never-ending flow of garbage. For instance, whales and dolphins have been discovered washed up on shores entangled in fishing nets or with stomachs full of indigestible plastic debris, most of which is also discarded fishing gear. In addition, microplastics bioaccumulate and find their way into the human diet through consumption of fish and other sea life, posing significant health risks. According to the United Nations Environment Programme, at the current rates of pollution, there will likely be more plastic in the sea than fish by 2050.

What Can You Do for Earth Day?

There are lots of ways to celebrate Earth Day, including the following:

Organising a clean-up mission to tackle garbage on roads, at parks, in public spaces, or by lakesides, riversides, or beaches spreads awareness of the way waste impacts animals and encourages others to stop using single-use plastic.

You can share fun facts with your friends on X – tell them that 1 kilogram of meat equals the water usage of one year’s worth of showers. Or you can bring a vegan dessert to the office or to any gathering to share (or post a photo of your favourite vegan recipe on Instagram if you’re working from home). Learn more about animal agriculture’s effects on the Earth by hosting a Cowspiracy or Seaspiracy movie party (or use Teleparty via Netflix or Zoom to watch with your friends remotely). Animal agriculture is the industrial breeding, raising, and slaughter of animals or use of their eggs or milk for consumption. And of course, the number one way to honour Mother Earth on 22 April (or on any other day) is to choose vegan food.

The climate catastrophe is scary, but vegan food is delicious and humane – and opting for it is one of the most effective actions anyone can take to fight climate change. So if you’re wondering, “How can I make a difference on Earth Day?” or “How do we make every day Earth Day?” you’re in luck. Opting for vegan foods – whether for takeaway or in the kitchen – is one of the simplest and most important ways we can help ensure a sustainable future.

Earth Day, Animals, and the Planet We All Call Home

Living on Earth is one of the things humans and all other animals have in common (along with a will and a right to live), and – through their remarkable characteristics and talents – other animals are doing their part to keep it healthy: bees and other insects pollinate plants, including one-third of the food we humans eat; beavers create dams that prevent flooding and erosion; squirrels abandon seeds and nuts, which take root and establish trees and other plants in new locations; and birds pollinate plants (like bees), spread seeds (like squirrels), and maintain sustainable population levels naturally (as opposed to some humans, like hunters).

Let’s be remarkable like other animals: this 22 April, help our planet and spare animals suffering by choosing vegan.

When You’re Vegan, Every Day Is Earth Day!

Just as there’s a crossover between animal rights and other social justice issues, being anti-speciesist and working to help the planet go hand in hand. When it comes to the climate catastrophe, animal agriculture is a leading culprit.

We can all help stop the climate catastrophe and other environmental problems by eating vegan foods rather than animal-derived ones and urging our friends and social media followers to do the same. On 22 April, share your plastic-free lifestyle tips and photos of planet-friendly, vegan dishes on Instagram – don’t forget to tag @PetaIndia and include the hashtags #VeganForEarthDay and #SayNoToPlastics.

Tell your pals that you’re going vegan for Earth Day, and encourage them to try it, too – share this post on Facebook and X.

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If you feel inspired to start counting yourself among those who honour the Earth and those we share it with every day by choosing to leave animals in peace, consider ordering a free vegetarian/vegan starter kit today to get tips and recipes on eating vegan.

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