VIDEO: Puppy Burned by Acid Is Rescued—Look at Her Now!

Posted on by PETA

When PETA India founder Ingrid Newkirk was in Mumbai, one of the first sights that greeted her was a terrified 4-month-old puppy who had sustained third-degree acid burns on her back and was being attacked by other dogs.

Newkirk immediately took the pup in her arms and rushed her to PETA India’s office, where a veterinarian treated her severe injuries.

The little dog recuperated in our office and was also taken home by certain staff in the evenings and on the weekends, claiming a favourite spot on a large faux-leather armchair. Although she was in pain for a while, she never lost her sweet disposition.

Now named Hershey, the rescued pup has recovered from her burns and is living at Animal Rahat’s sanctuary.

Hershey has made plenty of new friends, from the human caregivers she loves to shower with kisses to the canine pals she runs and wrestles with. She’s even developed a “reality TV” habit: She loves to watch videos of other dogs on YouTube! Here she is playing outdoors with some of her new friends:

Hershey was just one of millions of stray dogs and cats who struggle to survive on India’s streets. They scrounge for scraps, sleep in doorways and under bridges, and commonly suffer from mange and other contagious diseases. Many of them starve, are struck by vehicles, or are intentionally abused, as Hershey was. PETA India recently called for the expulsion of medical students who tossed a stray puppy off a roof.

PETA India is addressing the root of the homeless-animal crisis by supporting and encouraging the vaccination and sterilisation of community dogs and cats—as well as treating them with medicines. And high-profile celebrities like Alia Bhatt and Sidharth Malhotra are helping us promote the adoption of homeless dogs and cats or the sterilisation of strays and companion animals.

What You Can Do
You can help save more animals like Hershey by supporting PETA India’s work to improve the lives of animals.