Top 10 Vegan Valentine’s Day Gifts

Posted on by Suniti Kaushik

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner and interest in vegan food and fashion skyrocketing in India – which already boasts the lowest rate of meat consumption in the world –PETA India scoured the market for the Top 10 Animal-Friendly Valentine’s Day Gifts, all available online for shopping during lockdown:

  • Coffee Mood Gift Kit by mCaffeine – With a face wash, face scrub, and body scrub made without animal-derived ingredients, this gender-neutral self-care kit will perk up anyone’s mood.

  • Perfumes by Plum – Plum’s scentsual perfumes are available in scents that range from floral to beachy, contain no animal-derived ingredients, and are never tested on animals.

  • Neutrois Mask by Bloni – Give safety a chic spin with Bloni’s vegan leather face masks, lined with 100% cotton velvet that’s both durable and easily washable.


  • Faux Leather Belts by Ethik – These chic reversible belts are not just stylish but also kind to cows, no matter how your Valentine wears them!

  • Pinatex Sling bag by A Big Indian Story – This bright silver sling bag pairs perfectly with practically any outfit, and since it’s made from pineapple leaves, it’s both animal- and eco-friendly.

Vegan Valentine’s Day gifts show some love to animals, too. Cruelty-free cosmetics spare rabbits and other animals the agony of being caged and tormented in laboratories; vegan treats spare cows, chickens, and other animals miserable lives in the meat, egg, and dairy industries; vegan ice creams let cows keep their milk for their babies (calves); and vegan fashion spares cows and buffaloes being beaten and skinned for leather.

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