6 Videos the Dairy Industry Hopes You’ll Never See

Posted on by PETA

Think animals don’t suffer or die for milk?

You are in for a surprise!

Here are six videos that will open your eyes to the secret, shocking facts of “modern” milk production:

1. Male calves – who obviously don’t produce milk – are routinely abandoned, left to starve, or killed outright. The Indian Meat Industry Red Meat Manual says, “Most of the buffalo calves, generally males, are allowed to die intentionally by the owners for economic reasons.”

2. Some calves are turned into khalbacchas – stuffed, dead calves that are propped up alongside cows and buffaloes to try to fool their mothers into lactating.

3. Here is what artificial insemination actually looks like. Workers insert an arm, often without lubricant, into a struggling, frightened cow’s rectum, then push a metal rod carrying bull semen up into her vagina. If someone did this to a non-consenting female human or a dog, what would we call it? Why should it be considered any less of a violation when done to cows and buffaloes?

4. Here’s the ultimate destination for many cattle – the slaughterhouse. In India, while no animals are reared specifically for beef, India is a top beef exporting nation of buffalo meat, referred to as “carabeef”. The Economic Times has reported that some beef tested was found to be from cows. Cow slaughter is illegal in many Indian states but not everywhere in the nation. Where do you think the beef industry gets cattle to kill? That’s right – largely from the dairy sector.

5. Let’s see how meat, egg, and dairy production wreaks havoc on the planet. A United Nations report issued more than a decade ago stated that a worldwide move towards vegan eating is necessary to save the world from hunger, fuel poverty, and the worst effects of climate change. And a study by the Indian Institute of Technology Delhi and the Deenbandhu Chhotu Ram University of Science and Technology concludes that methane produced by India’s livestock could significantly raise global temperatures. Mainly because of our dairy sector, India has the largest population of cattle in the world.

6. Here, Indian doctors talk about the many scary ill effects of dairy consumption. The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine warns us that milk consumption is linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, certain types of cancer, and other ailments that are running rampant in our society.


So, I think you’ll agree, dairy is pretty scary – not to mention cruelly obtained, environmentally destructive, and bad for you.

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