The Dark Side of Dairy

Posted on by PETA

Dairy.jpgBound to a wheelchair, covered in bandages and carrying a placard reading, “The dark side of dairy “, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India’s “cow”, Ganga, protested the hideous cruelty meted out to her fellow cows and buffaloes by the dairy industry on World Milk Day. To meet the growing demand for milk, farmers impregnate cows repeatedly. Male calves are either sent to be killed or left on the roads to fend for themselves by rummaging in garbage cans. Many farmers cannot afford to feed their cows, and so they leave the animals on the road and only take them in for milking. Once a cow is deemed no longer useful, she is either sent to an illegal abattoir or abandoned in the city to starve.

Not only is the dairy industry inherently cruel, its products are not even required for a healthful human diet, as doctors all around the world are now realising.

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