Jiah Khan Takes on Wings for PETA

Posted on by PETA

Jiah%20Khan%202.jpgPETA’s newest brand ambassador is none other than actress Jiah Khan, who posed as an injured bird on a tree branch holding a placard reading “Cut Out Glass coated Manja, Not Wings” Jiah posed to speak out against against the use of glass coated manjas which injures birds during kite flying festivals like Makar Sakranti and Independence. After the kite flying is over, this glass coated manja is left caught up in trees and electricity poles and unsuspecting birds easily get entangled in it. As they struggle to free themselves the manja digs deeper into their legs and wings. These wounds, if left untreated, often result in a slow and painful death.This Independence Day, please don’t use glass coated Manjas for the birds’ sake! Want to do more to help the birds, and all other animals? Join our Street Team to earn free stuff while getting active for animals!