PETA Youth Offers ‘I, Chicken’ Virtual Reality Experience to Students

Posted on by PETA

Butter chicken is one of the most common dishes in India, but have you or your peers ever wondered what it’s like to be a chicken? PETA Youth is happy to introduce PETA’s innovative “I, Chicken” wireless virtual reality (VR) experience, which uses the latest VR viewers inspired by Google Cardboard.*  This project will soon be taken to college campuses across the nation so that students can find out firsthand what life is like for chickens.

The goal of “I, Chicken” is to teach students that each chicken is an individual who has interests and needs, feels pain and fear and doesn’t want to die. Participants, as chickens, will roost in a tree, socialise with other chickens and enjoy a dust bath – at least until the truck comes to take them to the slaughterhouse. In just three short minutes, students are sure to develop a newfound understanding of our feathered friends.

The “I, Chicken” VR experience has already taken American college campuses by storm. Over the course of the 2014–15 school year, tens of thousands of students at colleges and universities, including all eight Ivy League schools in the US, were able to experience “I, Chicken”.

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*Google Cardboard is a trademark of Google Inc.