Cutting Edge Fashion and Compassion

Posted on by PETA

Most students use paper for written assignments (or to doodle on in class when a prof goes on and on and then on some more…). But not National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT) Hyderabad students Ritika Sachan, Udita Halder, Mohit Nakra, and Aakanksha Thakur. Recently, this fashion-forward foursome used paper, gelatin paper, polyester fibers, wires, tissue papers, silver foils, and other unconventional materials to create a kick ass collection of animal-friendly fashions for their school’s fashion show.Using ‘Animal Liberation’ as their theme, these stellar students cruised PETA’s Web site for info and inspiration. The result? Each designer focused on animals who are cruelly exploited for their flesh or skin, such as chickens, fish, deers(who are widely poached for their skin) and rabbits . As a grand finale, the designers joined forces to create a garment that honoured the tiger—an animal that is on the verge of extinction in India. Now that you’re totally inspired, how about following in these fashionistas’ footsteps by pledging to wear only cruelty-free clothing. We’re not asking you to wear paper or foil to class (unless you really want to), but cutting out animal skins for synthetic leather and other non-animal options such as cotton, jute and others is a great start.