PETA Offers Froguts Virtual Dissection Software Discount for Educators

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If you study or teach zoology, say goodbye to the sickening smell of formaldehyde forever – not only because the University Grants Commission (UGC) has banned dissection in universities and colleges but also because PETA and the Mahatma Gandhi–Doerenkamp Centre (MGDC) for Alternatives to Use of Animals in Life Science Education have teamed up with Froguts, makers of state-of-the-art zoology simulation software, to bring modern virtual dissection to Indian educators – at a discount!

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Learning institutions can now purchase annual licenses for Froguts for only US$150, which allows up to 300 people to log in and use the software at each college every day. Students will experience interactive 3-D digital dissections of sea stars, squids, frogs, cow eyes, owl pellets and foetal pigs, without being forced to cut up and kill real animals. PETA and the MGDC will offer software training, and PETA may subsidise Froguts subscriptions in certain circumstances on an as-needed basis. If you need financial assistance and would like to discuss whether you’re eligible, please contact [email protected].

This is a major step towards implementing the UGC ban in favour of modern and superior computer-aided teaching methods. Every year, millions of animals are killed for use in classroom dissections. Breeding facilities that supply animals to schools remove them from their natural homes, disrupting local ecosystems, and some even use stolen or abandoned animal companions.

Contemporary non-animal methods have proved to teach students anatomy and complex biological processes as well as – and even better than – the crude use of animals. They also save teachers time and money and increase student confidence and satisfaction.

Cofounder and CEO of Froguts David Hughes adds, “We created Froguts 13 years ago because we felt that computer simulations added an important component to education, allowing greater access to learning. Our driving inspiration lies in the educational opportunities Froguts provides. Plus, using Froguts has significant cost advantages over actual dissections, which is so important for education”.

Prevent animal suffering and enhance student learning. by filling out the order form below today! We’ll then be in touch to discuss how many licences your institution needs, information re payment options and training arrangements. Please note that this offer is available only to educators in India.

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