Educators: Get Virtual Dissection Software – Free!

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Teachers and professors, have you heard? The University Grants Commission (UGC) has published official recommendations calling for animal dissection and animal experimentation to be phased out from university and college zoology and life-sciences courses. Other institutions and instructors are implementing cruelty-free curricula as well. PETA India is committed to helping schools and colleges achieve this goal by donating this free software.


If your classroom, school or college commits to replacing animal dissection with humane alternatives or implements a formal student dissection choice policy, PETA India, having teamed up with Emantras, will offer a free virtual frog dissection application for use on desktop computers, laptops, Macs, iPads, netbooks and interactive whiteboards so that students can use them to learn all about frogs and their biological functions without unnecessary loss of animals’ lives.

Comparative studies have found that modern non-animal science teaching methods, such as interactive computer software, teach students anatomy and complex biological processes as well as – and in most cases better than – the crude use of live or dead animals. Research shows that these methods are associated with increased learning efficiency, higher examination scores and improved student confidence and satisfaction. Humane methods also save time and money and create a more inclusive learning environment that does not risk alienating students because of their religious beliefs, their moral values or any other reasons that they might have for being unwilling to dissect animals.

Ready to cut out classroom dissection? Request your free software today! (Please note that this offer is only available to educators in India.)

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