PETA India, UP Police, and Locals Rescue Jackal From Well

Posted on by PETA

Following a call from a concerned citizen, PETA India coordinated with officers from the Uttar Pradesh Police Department and local villagers to rescue a golden jackal who had fallen into a deep well in Sonbhadra.

In Mumbai, PETA India Lead Emergency Response Coordinator Deepak Chaudhary coordinated with local police, who rushed to the scene and found the exhausted animal, who’d been trapped for several hours, struggling to stay afloat in the well. With the help of kind locals, the police managed to lower a net into the well, scoop up the jackal, and haul him or her up with ropes. The animal, who was unharmed, took off upon reaching solid ground.

We hope this story inspires the public to keep an eye out for animals in distress and to take action to help them.

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