Pam to AIIMS: Free the Animals!

Posted on by PETA


Pamela Anderson stole our hearts when she danced to “Dhak Dhak Karne Laga” on Bigg Boss Season 4. But now she’s asking the director of AIIMS to have a heart for the animals imprisoned at its Central Animal Facility.

After watching footage from our undercover investigation showing monkeys at AIIMS languishing in barren, rusty cages; rats and monkeys exhibiting signs of severe stress; and sick and injured animals who were denied veterinary care, Pamela fired off a letter to AIIMS’ director urging him to retire the aging monkeys to a sanctuary and switch to modern, humane non-animal research and training methods.

“It broke my heart to see the suffering that is documented in the enclosed video”, writes Anderson. “But the animals suffering behind closed doors at AIIMS must endure this nightmare every day. I was shocked to see that rabbits are forced to live in wire-floored cages; the sharp wire digs into their sensitive footpads and can cause their feet to become stuck.”

Please join Pam in taking action for animals suffering at AIIMS. They are counting on you!