IIT Bombay Students Save Animals’ Lives

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Some say that technology is the future, but students of Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Bombay are proving that compassion is really the world’s way forward. These four dynamic students have taken it upon themselves to help community animals, showing that kindness in action saves lives.

Here are IIT Bombay’s heroes to animals and descriptions of their kind actions in their own words:

Harshvardhan Nigam, 22

harshwardhan iit student

“This story is about the most famous dog on campus, Pablo. He is a mix of a golden retriever and an Indian dog. The entire Hostel 9 adopted him. He is adored by many on campus, and he walks like a king. Pablo has given us many memories and truly adds charm to our journey at IIT.”

Shreya Kundu, 25

Shreya kundu iit student

“Kalu has been ever since he started running around as a puppy in my neighbourhood. One day, I was overwhelmed when I returned home and saw him crying and lying in the road after being hit badly by a vehicle. At that moment, I made up my mind. I gathered all my love and courage, picked him up from the road, and took him home. Kalu’s back leg sustained a compound fracture, which took a major surgery and many painful nights to heal, but now he’s is a cherished member of my family forever.”

Prathamesh Mokal, 25

Prathamesh iit student

“My family had a companion dog for 14 years. After his death two years ago, we ‘adopted’ 11 community dogs living in our area. We feed them every day, remove their ticks regularly, bathe them once a month, and tend to their occasional medical needs. Though we have faced backlash from our fellow humans, my family and I continue to do this good work. I sincerely believe that we can experience the true essence of being a human only when we share an unconditional and selfless bond with an animal.”

Feeling inspired? Community animals deserve our love, respect, and protection. If you ever see an animal who needs help, put your compassion and courage to good use and do something! Check out PETA India’s guide on helping animals in distress, and if you’re a teen or 20-something who wants to get involved in our work, join PETA Youth today:

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