10 Fabulous Cruelty-Free Mother’s Day Gifts

Posted on by PETA

She’s helped you through heaps of headaches and heartaches, and you can always count on your mom to be there for you any day of the week. So this Mother’s Day, show your love for her and for animals by surprising her with one of the following 10 unique animal-friendly presents:

Vegan gift ideas for Mother's Day

Vegan gift ideas for Mother’s Day

1)     Faux-Silk Saree: Wrap your mom in comfort and style with an exquisite Banarasi faux-silk or classic cotton saree. The best thing about giving your mom a cruelty-free saree (besides her joy in receiving it) is the fact that you won’t be contributing to the “saree” fate of the approximately 10,000 silkworms who are boiled alive to make just one of these real-silk garments!

2)     Natures’ Co and Bath Goodies: Pamper your mom with fresh e vegan products, such as this White Lily Body Scrub or the gentle yet effective Nori Body Butter from Nature’s Co. 

3)     The Body Shop FragrancesWhether you choose the latest summery fresh Dreams Unlimited or the ultra-feminine Atlas Mountain Rose Eau De Toilette, your mom will think you’re an angel for giving her such a heavenly scented gift! Check out PETA India’s shopping guide for a list of even more cruelty-free companies.

4)     Designer Bags and Accessories: Your mom has never been one to follow the herd, so surprise her with an oh-so-classy, cow-free bag, purse, wallet or mobile phone holder from Baggit’s leather-free line of must-have merchandise. You can also spice it up with fun slings, clutches and shoulder bags from Princesse K. After all, there’s nothing trendy about toting around a tote made from the skins of tortured animals.

5)     Meatless Mother’s Day Meal: Treat mom to dinner. Cook up a fabulous vegan feast with delicious mock meats from Sunshine or GoodDot, you can also take her out to a local vegetarian restaurant. Your mom has a good heart, and the best way to keep it that way is with a low-fat, cholesterol-free vegan diet that wards off heart disease and keeps mom’s ticker going strong for many Mother’s Days to come. You can round off the perfect day with a selection of rich vegan chocs from Mosaic Chocolates.

6)     Skin-Free Shoes:  Forget shoes that once mooed. Vegan shoes are available in just about every shoe shop. Leather production wreaks havoc on the environment, so choose shoes made from lightweight synthetic materials, and help mom reduce her carbon footprint – and look good doing it! Try out beautifully hand-crafted and innovative footwear by Veruschka, Kanabis

7)     Spa Date: As light music and soft hands promise to ease the stress and knots of tension away, mom will just adore this thoughtful and ethical pampering session. So go ahead, treat her to a well-deserved wellness break. Explore Soulflower’s aromatherapy products to ease out all joint aches and relax her senses.

8)     A Vacation With a Difference: Whisk your mom off to a nearby destination, and make it count. While there, visit an animal shelter and interact with the four-legged kind. You can make a difference, share a special experience and still have ample time to explore the sights.

9)     For the “Artsy” Mom: Take your pick from must-see plays, photography exhibitions and art shows in your city. India’s Events is a great place to discover current and upcoming events. You can’t go wrong with surprise tickets to her favourite production. It beats heading to the circus or zoo for a “fun” day out to watch miserable animals.

10)   Mix It Up: An original gift hamper is always a special present and perfect for every occasion. Mix and match from our extensive cruelty-free companies list featuring a range of products from aromatherapy oils to home fragrances. This token of love and appreciation is a sure-fire win for making her feel really special.

Happy Mother’s Day!