Top 10 cruelty free gift ideas for Mothers’ Day !

Posted on by PETA

This Mother’s Day give the most important woman of your life a token of love and appreciation by making her feel really special. We have compiled a list of 10 truly awesome cruelty free gift ideas for your mum.

 1.Give her a pack of flavoured Soya Milk from Staeta to make her stay healthy and avoid osteoporosis.

 2. Get her a gift hamper from Lush, to give her Cosmetics which are non tested on animals. Real beauty is when it’s without cruelty.

 3. Give her a pair of non-leather sandals or a smart pleather bag available at Baggit stores, Catwalk, or Rinaldi.

 4. Give her a break from her daily routine and book her visit for a mud spa. Mud is a natural beauty ingredient and is cruelty free, of course. It’s truly guilt-free indulgence.

 5. You could also give her a surprise with a bit of role reversal. Take on kitchen this Sunday morning and cook her a nice vegan breakfast. Here’s your recipe for a yummy tofu sandwich.

 6. Buy her recycled stationary. Your mom will be proud that you thought of this one, for her and the environment.

 7. Gift her a nice cotton saree and ditch silk this summer.

 8. Buy meal coupons for a fine dining restaurant and send her for a nice vegan dinner date with her other mommy friends.

 9. Plan your day with her and take her out for a movie or a play. It’s a lot better than going out to a zoo or a circus for an outing.

 10. Give a revamp to her culinary skills by getting her a vegan cookbook, so that you can enjoy the goodness of cruelty-free food on your summer vacation.

 And don’t forget to post below and tell us all the praise you get for such a lovely gesture!