Looking for a Mother’s Day Gift? We’ve Got You Covered

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She’s helped you through heaps of headaches and heartaches, and you can always count on her to be there for you any day of the year. So this Mother’s Day, show your love for your mother – and for animals – by surprising her with one of the following thoughtful and animal-friendly gifts:

    1. Vegan Silk Saree: Wrap your mom in comfort and style with an exquisite vegan silk or classic cotton saree from compassionate designers and retailers, including Shubam Sarees, Taneira, and Ghatkopar Cloth Stores. The best thing about giving your mom a cruelty-free outfit (besides her joy at receiving it) is that you won’t be contributing to the sad fate of approximately 50,000 silkworms who are boiled or gassed to death just to make one silk .
    2. Self-Care Fare: Moms rarely have time for self-care, but you can help yours feel special by showering her with all-natural vegan hair- and skin-care products from Arata. Treat her with Daughter Earth and Rustic Art’s ranges of animal-friendly skin-care products. Plum has “be-YOU-” animal test–free and vegan beauty products, and the brand’s smudge-proof lipstick is so fabulous it screams “Mother’s Day present!”, without the cruelty. And don’t miss wonderful cruelty-free products by Sugar Cosmetics and Lovechild!
    3. Use Your Common Scents: Perfume is a wonderful way to tell your mom that you appreciate her. All Good Scents offers a sophisticated line of high-quality cruelty-free fragrance combinations, such as Dewy Rose and Creamy Sandalwood, which are sure to remind her of you. Check out Plum’s newly launched fragrances including vanilla, Hawaiian Rumba, and more!
    4. Designer Bags and Accessories: She used to carry you around, but now that you’re grown up, give your mom an attractive accessory to carry, which is also kind to animals and the environment. MoonRabbit, A Big Indian Story , Cotton Mellon, MixMitti, Braag Green, Qisa By Lavie, and Zouk craft durable yet chic purses, wallets, laptop bags, and other modern accessories constructed from supple vegan leather instead of the skins of abused and murdered cows.
    5. Meatless Mother’s Day Meal: It’s your turn to feed mom! Cook her a healthy feast using flavourful vegan meats from or Wakao Foods, along with out-of-this-world vegan cheeses from , to show her that there’s no need to consume animals when vegan options abound. Seal the deal by serving her decadent vegan chocolates.
    6. Skin-Free Shoes: Fashion shouldn’t be fatal, and leather production is not only violent, it also destroys the environment. So forget shoes that once mooed – choose vegan shoes to help your mom reduce her carbon footprint – and look good doing it! , CAI, Sol’eart, Greensole, and The Frou Frou Studio make beautifully hand-crafted and innovative vegan footwear with styles everyone loves.
    7. Movie Night With Vegan Ice Cream: Treat your mom to a movie night at home and serve Keventers’ insanely delicious vegan ice creams and ice cream bars. Remember, ditching dairy protects mother cows and their babies from the vicious and toxic dairy industry.
    8. Pamper Hamper: It’s her holiday, so pamper your mom with the gift that keeps on giving – a hamper full of scrumptious and guilt-free vegan chips, chocolate, crackers, cheeses, nut butters, and other delights from Or, you can make your own hamper for Mother’s Day by ordering supplies from , Vvegano, or VeganMall, the one-stop (online) shops for vegan products that are good for moms, animals, and the planet. You can also always check the PETA US database of cruelty-free companies while shopping.


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Happy Mother’s Day!