‘Snap a Stray, Save a Life’ Winners

Posted on by PETA

We’d like to introduce the winners of our “Snap a Stray, Save a Life” photo contest!

We asked you to take original pictures of desi dogs – poignant pictures that would tell their stories, reveal their personalities and show what their lives are like. We asked you to make people want to adopt instead of buying and to understand the importance of sterilisation in order to prevent more dogs from struggling to survive on the streets or ending up in animal shelters.

Your photographs were inspiring. Choosing the winners was hard, but here they are:

In first place is Anshima Raj, with this moving portrait:

In second place is Nandini Shahasane, with her picture of a community dog:

And rounding out the winners is Jairoop Riar, with a picture of a dog relaxing with her pups, driving home the message that just like us, animals have emotions, too:

The winners will receive photography courses and other prizes courtesy of St. Paul’s Institute of Communication Education. And although these three talented photographers may have claimed the prizes, everyone who entered the contest is a winner for helping homeless dogs.

You can win unparalleled love and appreciation by always rescuing and never buying your animal companions.