Sisters Inspire Others to Help Animals

Posted on by PETA

You don’t have to be all grown up to make a positive difference in animals’ lives – you can put your compassion into action at any age. For 15-year-old Chianna Shah, that meant donating the majority of her earnings from sponsorships from friends and family for this year’s Kolkata Marathon to PETA India. Meanwhile, her older sister at university cares for the community dogs in her residential area.

The Shah sisters have always loved animals, and we suspect that this comes from their parents who are PETA members. So when Chianna, a class 10 student at the Calcutta International School entered the 15-km race and began seeking sponsorships, she realised that the marathon was a great way to help animals who are abused and killed for food, clothing, entertainment and experimentation. Thanks to her well-wishers’ generosity, she was able to donate Rs 40,500 to help us stop cruelty to animals.


Chianna at Kolkata Marathon

Chianna Shah at Kolkata Marathon


In Bangalore, Chianna’s older sister, Naomi, an undergraduate student, has taken it upon herself to take care of dogs who don’t have homes in her neighbourhood. She even takes dogs who need medical attention to a veterinarian, because she knows how hard life is for community animals roaming the roads in search of food and shelter and often falling victim to cruel people, careless drivers or deadly diseases or injuries. That’s why it’s important to adopt, never buy, animal companions.

Life is full of opportunities to help animals. Join our Street Team, and we’ll help you make a difference today!