These Two Tiny Animal Advocates Will Inspire You

Posted on by PETA

Many young children naturally possess affection and empathy for animals. When parents and teachers nurture that compassion, children can grow into devoted animal advocates who seek to help stop cruelty wherever they encounter it. Zaynab Rahman, 9, and Miraya Baid, 12, are still in school, but they are already active PETA India supporters.

Zaynab started an animal rights club at her school, and Miraya frequently writes to us to ask about more ways in which she can become active for animals or participate in events. Both girls eloquently express their thoughts about animal rights in poems, two of which they shared with us.

“Changing Minds” by Zaynab Rahman

Changing minds, change your minds;
How would you feel, if you lived my life?
We’re forcefully chopped, thrown in boiling water,
And if we’re not dead,
We’re stamped and killed.
Fried in hot oil; deliciously served.
Oh! Please don’t do that, it HURTS.
Change your minds,
Oh! Please change your minds,
You surely know how we’re killed in Labs;
Cosmetics in eyes – it hurts, it bleeds,
We’re blind and dead.
Oh! Please don’t do that, it HURTS.
Change your minds,
Oh! Please change your minds.

Untitled by Miraya Baid

Your love all animals need,
And all strays u should feed!

If your dog beloved u call,
Then why the dead pig in the stall?

Animals aren’t ours to eat,
Who says we can’t live without meat?

Why not let the kitty purr,
When we have cotton instead of fur!

Animals need a book of laws,
Along with caring humans to wash their paws!

All living things are the same,
To stop cruelty to animals is my only aim!

To stop cruelty to animals, let’s try,
Chicken and beef, let’s not fry!

Let us call our pet as sweet as pie,
And promise him to never say goodbye!

We have got PETA here,
To make us realise that animals are much more than dear!!

Let’s call an animal our best friend,
Because they are the ones who will make the cracks in your heart mend!!

Why on meat should we hog,
When our love can heal a hurt dog!

We should all spread this message far and wide,
And make PETA our pride!!

If these two young animal activists have inspired you to help the children in your life act on their compassion for animals, please e-mail [email protected] for tips and suggestions.