Raghu Dixit Rocks Out for Animals

Posted on by PETA

Named “Best Newcomer” at the 2011 Songlines Music Awards, musician Raghu Dixit is now receiving accolades from animal lovers for shooting a brand-new public service announcement for his pals at PETA Youth, PETA India’s young division. In the video, viewers are treated to a taste of his unique blend of international musical styles, as well as an exclusive interview with Dixit in which he makes it clear that animals are not here for our entertainment:

“If you want entertainment, just call Raghu Dixit, and I’ll be there with my guitar and sing”, says the self-taught musician and songwriter, whose many hits include “Mysore Se Aayi”, “Mumbai”, “Antaragni”, “Hey Bhagwan”, “Har Saans Mein” and “Gudugudiya”. “Don’t go to zoos and circuses and see animals in trauma and being made to do [uncomfortable] acts for your entertainment.”

Dixit and PETA Youth want people to know that elephants, horses, camels and other animals used for entertainment are forced to perform unnatural and often dangerous tricks under the threat of punishment from weapons such as whips, sticks and ankuses – rods with a sharp metal hook on the end of them. These animals routinely suffer from loneliness, boredom and frustration from being locked in cramped cages or chained for hours on end as they travel from city to city.

So like Dixit says, the next time you’re looking for some good entertainment, just listen to some dynamite music from the Raghu Dixit Project!