PETA Turns Vicious, Sexist Trolling by Jallikattu Bullies Into Powerful Women’s Day Video

Posted on by PETA

PETA India has used threatening tweets by jallikattu advocates in a powerful video released today, on International Women’s Day, encouraging women to “be bold for change” – which is the special day’s theme for this year –by joining the group’s campaigns for animals.

The video starts with a series of abusive tweets by jallikattu advocates threatening PETA India’s female CEO, Poorva Joshipura, with death, rape, and other harm, stating defiantly, “No matter how hard anyone tries to bring us down, we will still stand strong”. It goes on to feature Joshipura and other PETA India female staff and volunteers engaging in various bold activities to campaign for animals’ rights. It ends with a promise that “we will fight until every cage is empty and all animals are free”.

As reported by several media outlets, Joshipura and other staff have been bullied and threatened, particularly via social media, for their position against jallikattu, a vile spectacle which has resulted in numerous human and bull injuries and deaths since it was legally permitted again this year.

PETA India’s video can be viewed here:


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