PETA Talks Vegan at Roman School of Fashion Designing, Guwahati

Posted on by PETA

PETA landed in Roman School of Fashion Designing recently in Guwahati to inspire many upcoming designers to set ethical trends as they become powerful influencers in the world of fashion in future. In the two day visit to the campus our in-house fashion expert and associate manager of celebrity and media projects Benazir Suraiya got a chance to interact and engage with the students.

She spoke to students about sparing animal’s pain and death by choosing to work with cruelty-free fabrics instead of fur, exotic skins, silk, leather, and wool. After all, many retailers and celebrities already shun cruelly obtained animal-derived fabrics, and the list of fashion companies creating vegan products grows by the day.

She also showed the students how vegan fashion is more fun with a display of fabulous vegan leather, faux fur, and banana silk products during her talk .

What You Can Do

You can save animal lives by sharing this video with your friends and family and urging them to wear vegan.