Diana Penty Promotes Dog Adoption in a New PETA India Campaign for ‘Be Kind to Animals’ Week

Posted on by Erika Goyal

Posing next to Biscuit, a dog up for adoption through World for All, in time for “Be Kind to Animals” Week (5–11 May), actor Diana Penty is drawing her fans’ attention to the plight of dogs waiting in animal shelters for good homes in a new PETA India campaign aimed at urging people never to buy animals from pet shops or breeders. Penty is known to post pictures of her adopted dog, Vicky, whom she refers to as her “teammate for life”, to her nearly 5 million Instagram followers. The print campaign was shot by ace photographer Tejas Nerurkar, with styling by Namita Alexander and hair and make-up by Shraddha Mishra.

“Adopting Vicky was the best decision of my life, and I can tell you from experience that Indie dogs are a delight! They’re loving, playful, intelligent, and resilient”, says Penty. “My friends at PETA India and I are asking everyone who has the time, space, resources, and a lot of love in their hearts to help give an animal a new life by adopting one from the street or from a local shelter.”

Penty adds that cats and dogs on India’s streets struggle to survive every day. With only scraps to eat, many go hungry. Others are killed by vehicles, sustain broken bones and wounds that become infected, or are abused by cruel people. Countless more wait in animal shelters because there aren’t enough good homes for them – and buying cats and dogs from breeders or pet stores only exacerbates India’s homeless-animal overpopulation crisis.

“Pedigree” dogs – who are typically sold in pet shops and by breeders – have been purposely bred to have certain exaggerated physical traits, such as small noses and drooping backs, making them especially susceptible to many health problems, including breathing difficulties, hip dysplasia, heart defects, epilepsy, and eye and ear infections. In contrast, Indian “community” dogs are known for their loving demeanour, are hardy and resilient, and aren’t predisposed to health problems.

Biscuit and many dogs like her are up for adoption through World for All, Mumbai. Please call 9820001506 or 9820191321 to adopt a dog or cat, or visit your local animal shelter.

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