PETA India Scientists Led Discussions at the 2023 Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments Conference

Posted on by Erika Goyal

The Society for Alternatives to Animal Experiments (SAAE-India) – which was established in 2018 with PETA India as a founding member – held its 6th International Annual Conference, from 20 to 21 November at Aligarh Muslim University. This year, PETA India’s scientists chaired sessions aiming to unite key stakeholders in a critical discussion on the use of non-animal methods for toxicity testing in India. With approximately 100 attendees, the conference provided a forum for collaborative dialogue among government regulators, companies, scientists, and experts in the toxicology field to advance the use of non-animal toxicity testing methods. Topics that were addressed included the current acceptance and use of non-animal tests, the existing barriers around their use, and opportunities to further transition from tests on animals to 21st century non-animal toxicity testing methods.

The scientific landscape has witnessed a transformative shift in the past decade, as reliable and human-relevant non-animal toxicity testing approaches have emerged, poised to reduce and replace tests on animals. These innovative methods – including human cell-based tissue models, organs-on-chips, and computational models – are revolutionising the field of chemical toxicity testing.

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