A Day in the Life of PETA’s Elephant Mascot

Posted on by PETA

Hi. I’m Ellie, PETA India’s elephant mascot. Don’t let my wrinkles fool you – I’m only 14 years old, just like PETA India itself.

I spend my days helping my fellow pachyderms, including Sunder, who was chained up at the Jyotiba temple in Kolhapur for six years but now, thanks to the help of kind people from all over the world, is free from that abusive life.

Unlike me, elephants in circuses doesn’t get to sunbathe and enjoy other simple pleasures.

But I’m determined to help abused and exploited elephants used in circuses. Here I am riding a rickshaw to the PETA India office in order to attend a brainstorming meeting with my coworkers.

We’ve come up with a number of new ways to educate others about my pachyderm pals who are locked up in circuses.

Being a “campaign elephant” is hard work. After the meeting, I took a quick break for some cheap vegan eats. The vendor at the end of PETA’s street sells savoury sandwiches with schezwan sauce and green chutney. My fave!

When my stomach stopped rumbling, I participated in an anti-circus demonstration. I always stand up for my elephant friends, no matter where they are.

Of course, I’m concerned about all animals. So, I feed my feathered friends, who hang out near PETA’s HQ every day.

Back to the office! Here I am coordinating with PETA Youth Street Teamers to create an online buzz to #FreeSunder. Hey, do I look fat in this photo?

Before heading home for the night, I handed out some leaflets to encourage people to be herbivores, like me.

After a long day, I love chilling out with my friends.

But I’ll be back at PETA tomorrow, working to free captive elephants from circuses. I can’t do it alone, though. Will you please help me by asking authorities to stop the use of all animals in circuses?

Thank you for being an elefriend!