Aurangabad: Monkey Confined to Dingy Cage Rescued From Residence Following PETA India Complaint

Posted on by Shreya Manocha

Acting on a complaint from a concerned citizen, PETA India worked with the divisional forest officer, Aurangabad, of the Bihar forest department, to rescue a rhesus macaque monkey who was being held in an individual’s home in a small, rusted, dingy, and filthy cage without access to suitable food or water. The animal is currently being housed at the Aurangabad forest division’s facility prior to their release back into the wild.

Monkeys kept in people’s homes as “pets” or to be forced to dance are often chained or confined to cramped cages. When used for entertainment, they are typically trained through beating and food deprivation, and their teeth are commonly pulled out to prevent them from defending themselves. In 1998, the central government issued a notification under The Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960, stating that monkeys and several other species of wild animals are not to be exhibited or trained as performing animals.

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