A Lesson in Compassion

Posted on by PETA

In case you have not heard, PETA India is celebrating our 10th anniversary – as part of which we are reviewing our many victories for animals, and tipping you off to ways you can be a part of our future successes! In June 2009, Kolkata’s South Point School, one of the world’s largest schools, agreed to adopt non-leather school shoes as part of its uniform. Why is this important? India’s treatment of cows is amongst the cruelest in the world. Since it is illegal to kill healthy young cows, they are often deliberately maimed – not that too many slaughterhouse workers really care. Cattle are tied together with ropes through their noses and beaten mercilessly in forced “death marches” over hundreds of kilometers. Handlers force them along by twisting and breaking their tails at each joint and rubbing tobacco, chilies and salt into their eyes. By the time they arrive at the slaughterhouse, many of the surviving animals are so sick and injured that they must be dragged inside, where their throats are slit in front of each other, their legs are hacked off while still conscious and they suffer the agony of being skinned alive.

By choosing non-leather clothing and accessories, as South Point School has allowed, we can help prevent cows from having to endure this suffering. Click here to take the pledge that you will never wear any skin except your own!