Helping Dogs and Cats Get ‘Control’

Posted on by PETA

As we keep the party going to celebrate PETA India’s 10th anniversary we are taking a look at some of our biggest victories – and looking forward to see what still needs to be done!

In March 2009, PETA India launched our Animal Birth Control (ABC) campaign, and by October we had already won an important victory when the Animal Welfare Board of India agreed to direct many municipalities to implement programmes to spay and neuter animals. Why is this so important? There are so many more animals than available homes, so millions of cats and dogs are abandoned, abused, starved, procured for laboratories or die of disease or accidents on our roads. Whether in a breeder’s kennel or on the street, every newborn puppy or kitten means one less home for a dog or cat in need.

Programmes like ABC make a massive difference for homeless animals, and you can play a part! Always adopt dogs or cats from shelters or the street – never ever buy from a pet shop – and have them spayed or neutered. Plus, step up in your community to sterilise stray animals (making sure to return them exactly where you found them), and to persuade officials to make spaying and neutering mandatory. Together, we can kick animal overpopulation to the curb!