Kim Kowdashian? PETA India Names Rescued Cow After Reality Star

Posted on by PETA

For Mother’s Day, PETA India has named a drop-dead gorgeous, rescued mother cow – who has striking eyes and long, dark eyelashes – after reality TV star Kim Kardashian to thank the mother of four for showing compassion to mums of all species by promoting a dairy-free diet to her more than 200 million followers. Kim’s meat- and dairy-free recipes are an internet sensation as she shows she’s keeping up with the growing interest in enjoying vegan food.

A sanctuary supported by PETA India won custody of the cow – believed to have been exploited for dairy – after her former owner was caught abusing her on the street. Now, Kim the cow enjoys nourishing green grass, sorghum, groundnut cakes, and even fodder that’s carted around in a wheelbarrow. Since arriving at her lush new sanctuary home, she’s made two dear friends: a bullock named Sonya and a fellow cow named Meena.



PETA India asks everyone to consider that cows and buffaloes in the dairy industry are artificially impregnated through a violating, painful process and then typically separated from their new born calves. Mother cows have been heard calling for their babies for days. Male calves are often abandoned, left to starve, or sent to be killed since they can’t produce milk, while most female calves endure the same fate as their mothers: they’re forced to produce milk until their bodies give out and then abandoned or slaughtered for beef.

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