Contest Closed- Enter PETA India’s Contest To Try To Win GoodDot’s Eggless Bhurji Kit

Posted on by Anahita Grewal

Contest alert!

We can’t get enough of GoodDot’s light and fluffy Eggless Bhurji Kit, which is packed with plant fibre and protein and is flavourful and cholesterol-free. Or as GoodDot says, “All the fun of a real bhurji and none of the fear of the dreaded cholesterol from an egg.” GoodDot’s Eggless Bhurji is the perfect example of how delicious vegan egg products can be and proof that there’s no reason to maim, confine, abuse, and kill hens.


Good Dot Eggless Bhurji photo

And since it’s April Fool’s Day, PETA India has teamed up with GoodDot for a contest to help you plan the perfect trick: serve your family and friends GoodDot’s Eggless Bhurji instead of the eggs they usually eat. This is the chance to show them that vegan eggs taste great and are healthy and cruelty-free. Simply fill out of the form below to enter PETA India’s contest for a chance to win GoodDot’s Eggless Bhurji Kit and prepare it for your loved ones!

Replacing the eggs your family and friends eat with vegan eggs spares smart, sensitive chickens – arguably the most abused animal on the planet – severe confinement and a violent death. Since male chicks are useless to the egg industry because they can’t lay eggs, workers often grind, burn, drown, suffocate, and crush them to death. Many terrified newly hatched chicks are even tossed into rubbish bins and dumped into fish tanks to be eaten alive. Workers cram hens into cages so tiny they can barely move. Instead of giving them more space, they cut off part of female chicks’ beaks with searing blades in a bid to stop them from pecking each other out of frustration. When their egg production wanes, they’re killed for their flesh. Introducing your loved ones to vegan products, even if inspired by April Fool’s Day, can also help protect them from developing deadly diseases, so it’s a win-win.

This Contest is closed.

The contest will commence on 1 April and run until 25 April. PETA India will award five randomly selected winners. If you win, don’t forget to post pictures of your prize on social media, tagging @gooddotofficial (Twitter), @gooddot (Instagram), and @PETAIndia (Twitter and Instagram).

Good luck!

This contest is open to residents of India only. The call for entries closes on 25 April. The five randomly selected winners will be informed by e-mail.

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