Esha Gupta: PETA’s Newest Green Goddess

Posted on by PETA

Raaz 3 actor Esha Gupta has a new starring role – in a PETA ad. This gorgeous Bollywood beauty has posed in a green bikini for PETA’s latest ad encouraging people to “go green, go vegetarian”. The ad was shot by photographer Munna S, Esha’s outfit and was styled by Kshitij Choudhary and her hair and make-up were done by Alet Viljoen, for Toabh Talents.

The production of plant-based foods requires fewer resources and generates less greenhouse gas than the production of meat and dairy products. On average, it takes one-third more water and land – and 10 times more fossil fuels – to produce animal-based foods than plant-based ones. The extra water needed to feed a typical meat-eater compared with a typical vegan for a year could fill two Olympic-sized swimming pools.

Says Esha, “Being a vegetarian … really saves lives of all the animals on this planet. And I think it’s a healthy way … for us and even for this planet to be green and happy. If you are vegetarian … it helps you lose weight … helps you prevent diseases like diabetes and heart attacks and strokes and cancer. And also if you want to live a longer and healthier life, at least 10 years more, then I think being a vegetarian is the better way”.

By choosing plant-based foods, which are cholesterol-free and generally low in saturated fat and calories, Esha is also helping to stop animal suffering. Factory-farmed animals are confined to stalls, cages or sheds that are often so tiny or crammed the animals cannot even turn around or take a single step in any direction for their entire lives. They never get to breathe fresh air, bask in the sun or feel grass beneath their feet, and they are killed in painful and cruel ways.

But each vegetarian spares many animals every single year!

If you’re ready to “go green” like Esha and help save animals and protect the environment, then take the pledge to go vegetarian today.