A ‘Jingle’ About Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Posted on by PETA


‘Twas the week before Christmas, and I searched all through the mall for gifts that don’t cause a creature to suffer, not even a mouse.

My family’s stockings were hung by the TV console with care. They were expecting me to find just what they wanted this year.

But never fear – I found enough great goodies to put everyone in good cheer.

For my niece, I got a pleather bag and matching belt from Baggit.

Dangit! Nothing rhymes with Baggit.

For my mom I cruelty-free products from Nature’s Way , moisturizer from Votre , vegan soaps from Gulnar, skin care products and treatments from Lumiere Dermatology and then for my nephew, I got Committed: A Rabble-Rouser’s Memoir, a really great book.


I also picked up a selection of vegan chocolates C4 Chocolates for him to enjoy when he visits, as I’m not the best cook.

c 4 chocolates

I quickly hit the super market to grab some packs of Nutrela mini soya chunks to cook a special vegan dinner for my dad and a tetra pack of Staeta Soy milk  to make vegan chocolate fudge for all.


My neighbour has a young son, so I made a stocking for him, too. It’s filled with fun movies, including Finding Nemo,  Chicken Run and Delhi Safari.

For myself, I bought a vegan purple iPad cover from Princesse K, a herbal room spray from Strategi to keep my home scented and mosquitoes-free and nothing more, as I’m sure that Santa will bring me the Omved aromatherapy products that I want on Christmas day.


Now I must bid you a happy and humane holiday. (I really need to relax after all this shopping and attempted rhyming.)