PETA India’s Cruelty-Free Guide for Last-Minute Christmas Stocking Stuffers

Posted on by PETA

With Christmas just around the corner, gift shopping is in high gear. But how do you find treats for your loved ones that they’ll love and which reflect your ethics? Fear not – your pals at PETA India put on their elf hats and assembled a fun and functional guide to gifts that everyone can enjoy and don’t hurt animals.

Introduce the foodies in your life to the delectable, healthy, and animal-friendly goodness of vegan drinks and food. Veggie meat from Good Dot is a tasty, ethical alternative to eating animals and is easy to use in beloved recipes. Unlike animal flesh, vegan meat is cholesterol-free, low in fat, and loaded with protein. Encourage others to ditch cruel, unhealthy dairy products by giving them Goodmylk‘s non-dairy milks and butters – we especially love the Cashew & Oat Mylk. Nutriva‘s vegan almond milk and buttermilk – the world’s first vegan buttermilk made from peanuts – will satisfy all your loved ones’ creamy cravings, and unlike cows’ milk, no families were separated or abused to produce the products.

Help your loved ones stay healthy over the holidays with almond milk from RAW – available in Mango, Cacao, Dates, and Coffee flavours – or So Good Almond Fresh, available in Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango, and Natural Unsweetened flavours.

Do your bit to prevent animal abuse by choosing from a wide variety of vegan leather merchandise from Gowma.

For the self-care gurus on your list, try Disguise Cosmetics glow oil for healthy and glowing skin. Put a smile on someone’s face with animal- and eco-friendly skin and body care by Plum or Phy‘s vegan specialist grooming range for men. Keep your face and skin naturally radiant with the goodness of Cholayil‘s face wash and soap.

Build lean muscles with Plix – a plant-based solution to all your exercising needs. The combination of different plant proteins (pea and brown rice protein) along with superfoods, electrolytes, and anti-oxidants helps deliver the 11 essential amino acids needed by the body for building muscle and recovery.

Say, “I care”, by protecting your loved ones with Herbal Strategi‘s 100% natural, vegan insect repellents and sanitisers that are effective and safe, including for kids, animal companions, and the environment.

Don’t forget to give yourself the gift that keeps on giving: sign PETA India’s vegan pledge to safeguard your health, animals, and the environment. Merry cruelty-free Christmas, friends!

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