Celebrate world veg week by pledging to go veg!

Posted on by PETA

Since it’s World Veg Week, we thought we’d let you in on our Top 10 Reasons Not to Eat Meat. Why don’t you celebrate World Vegetarian Week with us by taking the Pledge to Be Veg? We bet that you’ll feel so much better after the 30 days that you’ll want to keep going!If you need some tips to get started, read Making the Transition for some tips to get you started. You can also cook yourself a lovely meal from any of the vegetarian recipes on VegCooking.com. If you prefer to eat out, take your pick from any of these amazing vegetarian hot spots.Once you’ve gotten started, don’t forget to let us know your favorite new vegetarian foods. You may just help us find a new favorite! Or, if you’re already veg, share your tips for making the transition below.Here’s to the beginning of a healthier and happier you!