It’s World Week for Animals in Laboratories

Posted on by PETA

We’re in the midst of World Week for Animals in Laboratories. Animals who are burned, blinded, cut open, poisoned, and drugged in cruel experiments need us to speak up for them.

Here are five easy ways to help animals used for experiments.

  1. Drug companies are using horses and other equines as living blood factories. Act now to help these animals! Horses, mules, and donkeys are abused and exploited to develop antivenins and antitoxins. Take action now to help these animals and to urge authorities to make the transition to non-animal methods.
  2. Tell Air India to stop flying animals to laboratories. Air India backtracked on its agreement not to ship animals bound for experimentation. Let the airline know how you feel.
  3. Be a caring consumer. Make sure all of your shopping is cruelty-free with our easy-to-search lists of which companies do and do not test their products on animals.
  4. Be a whistle-blowerDoes your college or university still use animals for dissection? Tell us about it at [email protected].
  5. Horses are still suffering after the suspension of Mediclone Biotech’s licence – act now to help! Horses are abused for their blood at Mediclone and other facilities that make antitoxins and/or antivenins – the suspension hasn’t stopped animals from suffering at the company’s hands.

With a few simple clicks, you can send a powerful message to the world that animals are not living test tubes and that switching to modern, non-animal methods will result in a win-win situation for everyone.