Show ? for Animals Suffering in Laboratories

Posted on by PETA

MISSION IS CLOSED! Please sign up to our activist network to get involved.

Show your love for monkeys, bunnies, dogs, cats, rats and other animals used for experiments. These animals, who are commonly burned, blinded, cut open, poisoned, starved or drugged in cruel experiments, need us to speak up for them! 

  • STEP 1: Get a pen, a pencil, a marker, paint, etc.
  • STEP 2: Find a piece of paper, or even use your own hands to write on.
  • STEP 3: Create a quick drawing letting people know animals are not ours to use for experiments. Get creative! See the examples below:

collage of youth mission for animals in labs

  • STEP 4: Send a picture of your artwork to PETA Youth at [email protected] by 26 April 2015 and upload it onto any social-media sites you use for all your friends to see.

Your artwork could be featured in a blog by PETA India, SO put on your creative HATS now and GET STARTED.

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