BMC Chief, Raveena Want You to Adopt

Posted on by PETA

Just after adopting two dogs who were found struggling in the recent monsoon rains, Raveena Tandon-Thadani has teamed up with PETA India for a brand-new ad campaign that encourages everyone to follow her example. The campaign was launched jointly by Raveena with Sitaram Kunte, IAS, Municipal Commissioner, Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai.

In the ad, Raveena appears with her beloved dogs Chotu, a “community dog” whom she brought home off the street, and Cuddles, who was adopted from an animal shelter, next to the words, “Puppy Love. Adopt, Don’t Buy!” The ad was shot by ace photographer Pavitr Saith. Raveena’s hair has been styled by Jayshree Thakkar and the make-up has been done by Bianca Louzado.

Explains Municipal Commissioner Kunte, “Dogs are struggling to survive on the streets or are ending up in overcrowded animal shelters. The municipal commission’s role is to sterilise dogs along with NGOs, but the public can help by adopting needy dogs from an animal shelter or the street if they have the time, space and resources to provide dogs loving homes.”

Raveena also sat down for a video interview with PETA in which she explains why she was inspired to adopt all five of the dogs with whom she shares her life. “I would rather help an animal in distress rather than just go and buy another dog”, she says. “These dogs, these animals deserve a chance and they need our help, they need our love, they need our compassion.”

There are more reasons to choose Indian community dogs: Every time someone buys a dog from a breeder or a pet shop, a dog on the streets or in an animal shelter loses his or her chance at finding a good home. In addition, “pedigree” dogs, who have been bred for certain exaggerated physical traits, are susceptible to hip dysplasia, heart defects, epilepsy and eye and ear infections.

Are you ready to join Raveena and Mumbai’s Municipal Commissioner to keep dogs off India’s streets and out of animal shelters?