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Update About Sunder

Written by PETA

Posted 05-09-2014, 09:50 AM | 134 Comments

Thanks to each of you for your compassion and concern for Sunder.

As you may know, the Bombay High Court  issued an order for Sunder’s release and rehabilitation in Bangalore before the monsoon.

Sunder update May 2014

Since in India elephants are considered a responsibility of the government, the order to move Sunder is for the Maharashtra Forest Department. Only this government body has the authority, as per the court, to move Sunder.

A great deal of documentation is required to move an elephant from one state to another and to transfer ownership. PETA has been attempting to persuade the governments of Maharashtra and Karnataka to complete the transfer process quickly in order to ensure Sunder’s safety.

As far as the paperwork is concerned, Sunder is nearly ready to be moved. The Maharashtra Forest Department simply needs to establish a date for the transfer. PETA has helped put all the finer details in place.

Vinay Kore, the politician who had given Sunder as a gift to the Jyotiba Temple, has filed an appeal in the Supreme Court in an attempt to stop Sunder’s move. The lawyer who is addressing this matter for PETA is India’s best-known and leading animal advocate, Raj Panjwani.

We, too, would like for Sunder to be moved more quickly. You have our assurance – as people who learned about Sunder’s plight and who have been working night and day to rescue him – that his welfare is at the forefront of our minds. PETA will update its blog at when we have more details regarding the Maharashtra Forest Department’s plan to implement the Bombay High Court order.

If you wish to help, you can write to the Maharashtra forest officials at:

The Honourable MK Rao
Chief Conservator of Forests
Office of the Chief Conservator of Forests (Territorial) Kolhapur
Van Vardhan Building
Opposite Principal Post Office
Ambedkar Chowk, Tarabai Chowk
Kolhapur 416 003

The Honourable Suresh A Thorat
Additional Principal Chief Conservator Forests (Wildlife West)
LT Road
Near Old MHB Bus Stop, Forest Quarter
Borivali (W) 400 091

The Honourable Sarjan Bhagat, IFS
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife)
Van Bhavan
Ramgiri Road
Civil Lines
Nagpur 440 001


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  • Please keep pushing. Thousands of us around the world need to see Sunder free, soon!

  • Please keep pushing ahead. We have come so far. Thousands of people need to see Sunder free, soon!

  • You have NO right to hold that Elephant in captivity
    It is cruel and inhumane
    Please release it so it may experience some of its life knowing freedom
    it is the right thing to do

  • Steffany

    Help Sunder

  • Shinz S John

    I would be glad to if Sundar would get free.. that would one of the leap’s or the steps humanity would make towards the Animals.. hope it gets done soon.. May God Bless..

  • Please release Sunder, such beautiful animal does not deserve to be torutured. Temples are places or worship and respect and not places for torture. Animals have souls and sunder needs to be release as soon as possible. We do not understand why this beautiful and intelligent creature has to be beaten and tortured, nor do we understand the people who feel compelled to hurt him. Your political power should be used to help and protect humans as well as to oversee the protection of animals.

  • Alma Mares

    Please transfer elephant Sunder to his new home very soon, he deserves good rest of his life, no more torture, chains and beating for this precious animal. Thank you so much.

  • Robin

    Thank you PETA India for all of your help to insure Sunder is moved to a suitable place where he can get the proper food and care he needs! Please keep fighting for him and insure the Supreme Court rules against Vinay Kore. Let’s get Sunder out of that temple!

  • Robin Crawford

    I literally felt SICK when I read this.I was hoping for good news that the paperwork was finished and Sunder was ready to be moved. Sunder needs to be relocated to WRRC for the care he needs and deserves. I hope the Supreme Court throws Vinay Kore’s appeal out the door!!!

  • Ashutosh Patil

    hi all,
    I can understand the concern of people who are in support to move Sunder. But let me tell you that Mr. Vinayraoji Kore, Mla of the same constitution is taking very good care of Sunder. He is giving his full attention to take care of this wonderful animal. I have seen Sunder very closely since he moved from Jotiba temple to Warananagar, the town where Sunder is currently living. The Warana management has given all the possible services to Sunder to keep him happy. and today anyone can tell that Sunder is happy. I can understand you people’s concerns but let me tell me you that Mr. Vinayraoji Kore also fighting for the same. The ultimate goal is to keep Sunder happy. and I can clearly say that Warana management has definitely achieved this goal. Also one more important thing is people of this constitution have emotional attachment with Sunder. If you get a chance to come to Warana, you will see the people of Warana are treating Sunder as lord Ganesha. So please don’t hate us. We are also trying our best to keep Sunder happy. and we will keep our promise forever.

  • Robin Greenberg

    heartbreaking… please get sunder out of there. what is going on . i understand that unfortunately evil people have rights, but they must overall and uphold the order. while this goes on Sunder should be freed as promised . why should he suffer while this goes on.

  • Please move sunder as soon as it can be done he needs peace and a good home

  • Anjali Pratap

    Pls help

  • Anonymous

    Y so many complications to save an animal.. If thought to do good, it can be done immediately. Pls release Sunder to the sanctuary decided by peta.

    Hope and wish he will be happy in the new place..


  • Axel Kröner

    Please realease Sunder!
    Thank you!

  • Thankyou Peta for the update. I remain confident that idiot Vunay Kore’s attempt to stop Sunder will be ignored and thrown out by the Supreme Court. I’m suprised that a proven ‘Crook’ is even allowed to make an appeal..he should be thankful that no one has lynched him for the despicable cruelty that he has been involved in and the injuries sustained by Sunder from the evil POS. Please at your earliest convenience get Sunder down to Bangalore yo show that the world will not permit Elephants to be abused and imprisoned according the welfare rules for animals in India…..I hope many more “Sunders” follow soon. Kore, crawl away in your little hole where you belong, even your most ardent followers must be sickened by your pathetic cruel abuse to Sunder over the years that you’ve tormented him…!!

  • Steffany

    No living thing deserves to live like this

  • Jacqueline Gannie

    Thank you for your standard response… I have read this already. I have read the letter written to other advocates for Sunder. We need updated photographs and you have not addressed that. You also have been saying the same thing for three months! You have received donation for Sunder therefore we need to see proof that Sunder is still alive. The Court is higher than the Forestry Dept. Peta India you should have looked after those papers for Sunder along time ago! SUNDER NEEDS TO BE FREE NO CHAINS- AND AWAY FROM THE CHICKEN SHED

  • Ana Morris

    This update is not an update. This is the same old news. What we want, is not this old photo of him. We want to know why is he in the same condition and situation. Why does PETA not get a vet to see him, and give us some photos. We think he is dead. You had plenty of photos for the fundraiser.

  • Julie Martenson

    Please stop this. Please do something right.

  • Chris Ewing

    get sunder moved NOW! this appeal stuff making this animal suffer even more is totally outrageous!! sunder as suffered enough at the hands of this man who gave as a “gift” an animal isn’t a gift to be abused!! get this done NOW before more time is wasted for sunder. this is absolutely outrageous!

  • Angela Meyer

    We’re not giving up on Sunder! The whole world is watching and Kore will not/can not stop us. Thank you PETA for keeping us updated. We’re taking action.

  • Gitanjali Singh

    whatever PETA is doing for sunder it’s beyond appreciation …. keep going PETA … may GOD help sunder to get well soon n hv a decent life .

  • Nona Singh

    Respected Sir,
    It’s our humble request to send sundar to a secure and comfortable place,where this species can live his life with total independence. We all are animal lovers and we are concerned.Please don’t give any animal to temples.Let them be where they belong.
    Thanking you
    Mrs Singh

  • Arielle Mackenzie

    Could you let me know on what grounds has Vinay Kore, the politician who had given Sunder as a gift to the Jyotiba Temple, filed an appeal in the Supreme Court in an attempt to stop Sunder’s move?
    Thank you very much in advance.

  • Arielle Mackenzie

    Could you please let us know on what grounds did Vinay Kore, the politician who had given Sunder as a gift to the Jyotiba Temple, file an appeal in the Supreme Court in an attempt to stop Sunder’s move?
    Thanking you in advance,
    Arielle mackenzie

  • Baljit Sangha

    This is making a mockery of India’s law and the whole world is watching. How can one man hold up Sunder’s release? On what grounds? And why are India’s law makers allowing him to do this? Grow some balls India do the RIGHT THING let poor Sunder go to a sanctuary where he will be cared for. He’s suffered enough at your hands.

  • Deepali Chanan

    Respected sir,
    I just wanted to say that sunder has already suffered a lot. I being one of the well wishers of sunder, want him to move as soon as possible. Please speed up the process. Thank you so much.

  • Manreet

    Please release sunder as soon as possible..let him be free

  • This is quite a shock.I thought all the appeals had been exhausted,
    In the meantime,can any one let us know the condition Sunder is in,and is he still heavily chained and beaten.
    Cannot help thinking that there have been some stalling tactics.If he had been moved quicker ,then he would have been out of the chicken shed at least,and in a better place until the legal stuff grinds on.
    I look forward to your thoughts on this.Henn.


    please let him go to his home ….. she also breathes ..and also feels everythng..if any one have faith on lord ganesha so think how badly badluck will follw u

  • Shruti

    Great news !
    Go Peta !

  • Esha

    Plz let sunder move to where he belongs

  • Sheeba Joy

    How can be someone so inhumane.
    Got tears in my eyes. So cruel someone can be
    If these people believe in God Ganesha, then Sunder is itself Ganesha
    They can’t speak but we can n there r people who will speak for him.So, Vinay Kore u can’t keep him chained for a long time. U itself will release him That’s my promise to u.

  • Sonia

    Please release sunder….you have no right to torture such an innocent creature at all.just hope that till the time the orders and legal formalities are processed nothing unfortunate happens with this poor animal…..He is not a thing to be gifted to anyone..he has the equal right to live and enjoy his life and not to be tied up with bunch of chains around him….

    Please show humanity at least !!

  • Ron Winkelman

    As a human being concerned with the treatment of Sunder and other temple elephants I am praying that Sunders’ mistreatment is ended as soon as possible. Please do the right and moral decision and let Sunder be free. Enough is enough. The world is watching in disgust as this process drags on. Vinay Kore is a poor example of compassion and humanity for the country of India. India will be perceived in a positive light by releasing Sunder.

  • Priya Maeva

    What is Kore’s problem? Sunder is almost ready to be now he’s filed an appeal?! I hope this does not mean Sunder’s rescue is further delayed, please do not let this evil do that any longer.
    It’s not long now till June, we are all watching and we won’t stop until Sunder is free!

  • Amit Ranadive

    Sunder’s transfer to his new home forest is must for his life….
    Till now he sufferd a lot….he don’t his life or what…can’t he freely enjoy his forest life…
    Animal has their rights to live freely in ther comfortable envoirment…
    They also have feelings of joy…..or only humanbeings….?
    So his move is must….

  • Jacquie Lamont

    Please release SUNDER the elephant the world will thankyou

  • Stop all this cruelty , let them go free !!

  • Uma


  • set sunder free

  • release sunder


    Sent them an email to help speed up the process.

  • Km Swaroop

    we are Der for u sundar… we will release u

  • Shrividya Shankar

    Please free sunder he deserves a good life



  • Trilok

    Please free sunder. Animal are like god but how we are behaving with them it’s too bad. Give some care and respect and show some humanity.

  • Melissa Green

    Does kore’s appeal mean Sunder doesn’t go anywhere until that’s sorted?
    Good news that he’s paperwork ready but so sad he’s stalled again.
    I will email everyday!
    Kore, you have no hope of keeping Sunder!

  • Sathya

    When all is done, why delay. Lets do one last thing and put and end to the issue. Let Sunder be at peace for the rest of his life. Concerned People, please consider this as a humble request.


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