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Sunder Found Wounded on Kore’s Property

Written by PETA

Posted 05-20-2014, 10:21 AM | 1,138 Comments

During a recent veterinary inspection by an elephant expert, 14-year-old elephant Sunder was found with what the health examination report calls a “MASSIVE wound … as a result of constant tying with heavy chains”. The expert’s report also states that Sunder should be moved from Kolhapur to an elephant-care centre in Bangalore “on an emergency basis”, as directed by the Bombay High Court. The court had ordered the Maharashtra Forest Department to move Sunder to the centre before the monsoon season.


But Maharashtra Member of the Legislative Assembly Vinay Kore – who is not the legal owner of Sunder and has kept him on his property illegally – has attempted to block the order by filing an appeal with the Supreme Court.

PETA has been campaigning for Sunder’s release since 2012 and has been represented before the Supreme Court by leading animal advocate Raj Panjwani.

The finding comes on the heels of the December 2013 video footage showing that Sunder’s mahout beat him with a pole on Kore’s property.

All the paperwork for Sunder’s transfer has been completed, and now the Maharashtra Forest Department simply needs to set a date for the move. The health examination report also stated that Sunder’s wound can be dressed, he is not in musth (a period of sexual urge in elephants that can make them difficult to handle) and he can and should be transported to Bangalore quickly.

If you wish to help, you can write to Maharashtra forest officials at:

The Honourable MK Rao
Chief Conservator of Forests
Office of the Chief Conservator of Forests (Territorial) Kolhapur
Van Vardhan Building
Opposite Principal Post Office
AmbedkarChowk, Tarabai Chowk
Kolhapur 416 003

The Honourable Suresh A Thorat
Additional Principal Chief Conservator Forests (Wildlife West)
LT Road
Near Old MHB Bus Stop, Forest Quarter
Borivali (W) 400 091

The Honourable Sarjan Bhagat, IFS
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife)
Van Bhavan
Ramgiri Road
Civil Lines
Nagpur 440 001

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  • Nina

    Appaling! Help this poor animal now!

  • Tina Starrie

    Please help this elephant!

  • We have to protect elephant not INJURE AND USE THEM !

  • Comment ces gens peuvent faire tant de mal aux animaux?
    Je ne comprendrai jamais ça…
    Que ces tortionnaires se mettent à la place des ces bêtes et subissent les mêmes sévices, alors peut-être ils arrêteront !
    Que les peuples du monde laissent ces animaux vivre leur vie et qu’ils les respectent enfin..
    Finissons de se servir d’eux pour nos amusements, les traditions et tout le reste… SVP
    Lui a de la chance de sortir des griffes de ces monstres mais les autres???


    • PETA

      Police complaints have been filed but so far the police have refused to act.

  • Blessure a sang.INACCEPTABLE.d’aillers comme tutes maltrairances

  • blessure jusqu’au sang.INACCEPTABLE comme d’ailleurs toutes maltraitances

  • blessure a sang ce n’est pas acceptable d’ailleurs aucunes maltraitances n’est acceptable

  • Christine Harbin

    Well done PETA. Tank god for you. W should tis mean guy want to beat an innocent elephant fails me. I do hope he knows that we have seen what he did. I hope he was reprimanded for his foul actions. I hope too he never ever is allowed another animal let alone an elephant again. He is not worthy of even working in a TEMPLE!!!! He needs to say a few prayers. Bless you all that worked so hard to free one of gods creatures x x

  • Ginny Povey

    I am so happy this poor elephant is free, it really got to me this story, as stories about all the captive animals does, what kind of people get enjoyment out of hurting animals

  • Shulamit Udwin

    This poor animal cannot survive much longer with such severe wounds. He needs to be immediately removed from this abhorent cruelty and treated. His eyes express the 14 years of suffering he has been through. Why is this allowed in India?

  • Janet Curtis

    Thank You from the bottom of my heart..Peta. Am so glad Sunder was taken away and you People(Peta) ,You never give up and thanks too you and others whom care about these poor Animals that can”t speak out…Am a Native and live in Ottawa,Canada and instead of me submit commets . where can I send money from Ottawa too your company? Do you have a Canada mailing address? Let me know at again Thank You ……

  • Une cruauté intolérable, il faut arrêter ces pratiques.

  • Rebeca Sandoval

    It’s about time to free him, right?

  • Suzie Klopping

    Please take steps and bring Sunder to safe territory. His wound needs to be treated by a vet. He needs proper care. This is awful, shame on you for not stepping up for this badly treated elephant. Sunder is a majestic animal, he needs to be taken care of the right way and with respect. This is not what your country wants to be rememberd by. Set an example, do the right thing for Sunder and keep the world up posted!!! We want to see progress. Thank you

  • Kylie Watson

    Pls have sunder transported and cared for as soon as possible. It is inhumane that he should have to suffer at the hands of these cowards

  • J. Williams

    These people who abuse elephants enjoy torturing. There is no need to hit will bull hooks, the elephants have already been broken when babies so they will do what is asked of them. Why chain them also? I’d they treated them kindly the elephant would comply but these ignorant bastards do it for fun. Would they like to spend a day being treated like that elephant? Of course not, because they are cowards!!

  • Cheri Richardson

    Please move sunder ASAP so he

    can receive the medical treatment he needs
    And love and care he deserves
    And put those cruel barstards in jail for what they did
    And let them recive the same treatment

  • Linda Gillespie

    This is barbaric behavior and no living creature should have to endure such treatment. No civilized society allows such treatment

  • Kathy

    I don’t understand how 2 years have passed since it was revealed Sunder was being abused and he is still in the care of his abusers?! What good are the laws if they are not carried out or ignored?! 2 years? That allows quite a bit of time for abuse..its inexcusable…India needs to be ashamed…people are such monsters. I am sure hell Will be waiting with open arms.

  • This is disgusting. And the fact that the circuses continue to abuse them this way just shows how crappy they are in addition to the trainers. The Animal advisors should also be held accountable for this on the elephants and any animal they supposedly have the oversight on.

  • Sunder needs to be helped by professionals and the folks who abused him punished. What they have done to Sunder they will do again when the opportunity appears. These people must be stopped.

  • Please Stop Animal Cruelty

  • Carmen Serrano

    PLEASE, be responsible and compassionate… Sunder deserves it. Lot of THANKS!! :))

  • Move Sunder before she dies from abuse.

  • Rachael

    Sent off my first lot of e-mails. I may hand write a few letters too. I do hope our appeal gets heard!

  • Isabel De Horna

    What´s the problem with you, people!!!
    Do the right thing and take care of this elephant NOW!!!

  • Jannie Perstrup

    Please release Sunder to a safe and caring place now…this elephant has suffered enough…

  • Leslie Acevedo

    Please P C C F..Forestry. Please move Sunder now. It is Court Ordered! What is the delay

  • Gina Rizk

    It has been a week since Sunder was found to have a massive wound. Who knows how infected it has become without treatment? Sunder has been waiting 2 months for the Forestry Dept to set a date to transfer him! If Kore is not Sunder’s owner, what right does he have to contest the Court’s ruling? That is absurd! In December 2013, a video showed that Sunder’s mahout beat him with a pole on Kore’s property. And the mahout…no punishment for the cruelty he inflicted? The mahout should be prosecuted and never be allowed to be in charge of another animal! Why does the Court allow Sunder to still be subjected to maltreatment? Why bother to go to India’s Supreme Court to resolve animal cruelty cases, when the Court’s rulings are not enforced? I don’t blame Peta, the responsibility to make certain justice is done for Sunder, lies within the Court system and Forestry Dept.

  • Jane B

    I have emailed the officials. Sincerely hope this poor elephant gets the help he needs.

  • Sharon Dunn

    I have sent several e-mails to the Conservator of Forests as I am sure many have and yet no action has been taken to help Sunder. I am at a lost as to why the delay when it is evident Sunder needs aid.

  • Ann Fenner

    Sunder, the elephant, needs to be moved to Bangalore as soon as possible. Please have pity on this poor elephant. His wounds also need treatment.

  • Brian Gusko

    Show leadership. This is a poor abused intelligent elephant. I will push the social media as will many other animal activists.

  • Look in her eyes you can see her pain, Please free her and let someone care for her.

  • Look in her eyes you can see her pain . Free her and let someone care for her.

  • Marga Huber

    Release the poor elephant !!!!

  • Christine Tobin

    That was so difficult to watch. That man has no problem with beating that poor defenseless animal. Poor thing. He is in my prayers

  • Elissa Fineman

    Please do this NOW. You can make a big celebration of it, and use it to show the effectiveness of the new government just elected.

  • Ramona

    There is no reason why this beautiful animal should continue to suffer. The documents have been delivered, what is the holdup? Be human and have a heart and let this animal live out his life without pain and in a safe environment. Stop treating animals as if they have no feelings, they have done nothing wrong to us humans, however we keep doing wrong to them.

  • Avinash Jadhav

    Pl give treatment to sunder at the earliest

  • Avinash Jadhav

    Pl give treatment at the earliest pl save sunder elephant

  • Steve Hart

    That wound should be on the owners face.



  • Vicki Payne

    I hope someone has a heart ,enough to free him.,What kind of world is it we live in,to inflict pain and suffering to innocent animals,

    I hope someone has a heart enough to stop this ,.What kind of world do we live in,that can carelessly and without remorse, use and abuse animals,like this? it is shameful

  • Tracey

    PETA India,
    Thank you for doing a good job. I wish you could just take Sunder away to a sanctuary without all these formalities that are demanded. Thank you for being our voice. We are so far away and cannot do it. I am praying that Sunder will make it to a Sanctuary.

  • Seema

    respect every life.

  • Gisela

    Please stop this cruelty !!!

  • Jab janwar koi insaan ko maare…., kehte h dunia me use vahshayi saare…..,aaj ek janwar ko insaano ne mara h…to…chup Kyu h sansaar

  • Terrible and this must stop


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