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Sunder Found Wounded on Kore’s Property

Written by PETA

Posted 05-20-2014, 10:21 AM | 1,138 Comments

During a recent veterinary inspection by an elephant expert, 14-year-old elephant Sunder was found with what the health examination report calls a “MASSIVE wound … as a result of constant tying with heavy chains”. The expert’s report also states that Sunder should be moved from Kolhapur to an elephant-care centre in Bangalore “on an emergency basis”, as directed by the Bombay High Court. The court had ordered the Maharashtra Forest Department to move Sunder to the centre before the monsoon season.


But Maharashtra Member of the Legislative Assembly Vinay Kore – who is not the legal owner of Sunder and has kept him on his property illegally – has attempted to block the order by filing an appeal with the Supreme Court.

PETA has been campaigning for Sunder’s release since 2012 and has been represented before the Supreme Court by leading animal advocate Raj Panjwani.

The finding comes on the heels of the December 2013 video footage showing that Sunder’s mahout beat him with a pole on Kore’s property.

All the paperwork for Sunder’s transfer has been completed, and now the Maharashtra Forest Department simply needs to set a date for the move. The health examination report also stated that Sunder’s wound can be dressed, he is not in musth (a period of sexual urge in elephants that can make them difficult to handle) and he can and should be transported to Bangalore quickly.

If you wish to help, you can write to Maharashtra forest officials at:

The Honourable MK Rao
Chief Conservator of Forests
Office of the Chief Conservator of Forests (Territorial) Kolhapur
Van Vardhan Building
Opposite Principal Post Office
AmbedkarChowk, Tarabai Chowk
Kolhapur 416 003

The Honourable Suresh A Thorat
Additional Principal Chief Conservator Forests (Wildlife West)
LT Road
Near Old MHB Bus Stop, Forest Quarter
Borivali (W) 400 091

The Honourable Sarjan Bhagat, IFS
Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (Wildlife)
Van Bhavan
Ramgiri Road
Civil Lines
Nagpur 440 001

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  • Jim Duke

    Stop this bloody nonsense NOW—all the flddling going on about not moving him is sheer nonsense. Kore should have no say in the matter whatsoever. Why is he still on Kore’s property. Outrageous–he is making a mockery of the judicial system of India. Rule of lseems to be totally ignored. If this elephant dies we all of us will have blood on our hands. Move him out of there NOW. Cruelty beyond belief. The time for action is NOW!!!!!!

  • Judith Wilson

    Please rescue Sunder as soon as possible! Let him have a peaceful & happy life!

  • Deepali Chanan

    Good evening sir,
    This is a request to free sunder. He is being suffering from long. Now since the court has given the order to free him even then he is suffering. We can see his wounded leg. Please help him as the poor animal can’t speak for himself.
    Thank you,

  • Rosemary Tipping

    How long will this go on? I thought that there had been orders for Sunder’s release. India’s justice system obviously on a par with Egypt’s…useless.

  • Rochelle Wood


  • Anon Ymous

    Vinay Kore deserves to burn in hell.

  • Sandeep

    Please free Sunder

  • Priyanka

    Please for God’s sake this torture has been going on for too long. Please release him n treat his wounds as soon as possible.

  • Sharon

    Please free sunder why you not do this

  • Maggie Knewstub

    After numerous court cases and hearings, SUNDER is still being tortured and abused daily.
    Please adhere to court ruling and release this poor elephant immediately. !!!!!!!

  • Paula Ilona

    This is shocking how long it will take to keep Sunder cruelty. Sunder freedom quickly. !!!

  • Therese Real

    why does it take so long to free this poor sick and abused elephant? Please free Sunder NOW!!!

  • Neesha

    Please free this innocent soul from all this torture

  • Pankhuri

    Please rescue the poor baby. They don’t belong in chains.

  • This poor elephant has suffered long enough, elephants are very smart, they know how to think, they know how to love, they will stick together and help one another, they know fear and they do cry, set Sunder free from this torture to know happiness once again, the torture has gone too far and long

  • Sardar Gurwinder Singh Dhalla

    Plzz do finalise the date for SUNDER’S release so that he could not undergo the beating from his mahout just for the sake of a gift,courts orders nd his will.PLEASE do it as fast as possible

  • Nandita Das

    Please release this poor animal from the trap of the bloody MLA.. Sundar deserves treatment. .Please do the arrangement for his treatment as soon as possible. .

  • Ruby Mamtora

    Pls pls .. #FreeSunder ..they do r hurted .. ppl cnt b so cruel .its disheartening to c animals treated like this .. pls give him freedom.:(

  • Burhan Naikwadi

    Please take immediate steps before rainning. Do not consider appeal, as there is yet no order to stay the HC Order.

  • Vaishu

    This is inhuman.. Stop dis acts Plz dnt be cruel to animals plz dnt make him suffer anymore

  • Ranjjita Das

    Kindly take action to shift sunder to bangalore elephant centre..give him necessary treatment..please this is your part of humanity sir..

  • Penny


  • Carol-mae

    Such evil should not be allowed to continue it is up to all the decent people in this world to help poor creatures like Sunder. We must all help in any way we can

  • Ravi Kumar Gupta

    Please release sunder..I urge the govt..

  • Swapna

    Please move him rehabilitation as soon as possible

  • DEEPA Iyer

    This world belongs to the Animals too…. Please don’t take it away from them !!!

  • Piyanki Shinde

    Please rescue this poor animal sunder from this torturous place at the earliest.. He has been abused a at least on human grounds let him live a peaceful happy life

  • Palaparthi Nikhil

    those who are responsible for this inhuman act will definitely be suffered by their own karma.

  • Isa Duffy

    What this poor animal had to endure is unforgivable! A court has decided in his favor and still he has to suffer. When will he be rescued?

  • Urmila

    This is inhuman. Pls free sundar immediately!

  • Sonia

    Owners cannot be killers!!!either release him or at least be human to him….

  • Navaneeth

    Stop that inhuman acts!!

  • Neha Ahuja

    Pls let Sunder live a peaceful life, he has already suffered a lot! Dont let this voiceless innocent creature suffer more due to some stupid compassionless people !

  • Kaajal

    Please free Sunder n release him ASAP

  • Vivek Mehta

    In India, politicians still have no respect for court. Thats so usual, and so unfortunate. How to save sunder???

  • Please have Sunder released ..why are they Obstructing the
    Court Orders?

  • Vijay Bajaj

    Don’t be cruel to animals .he is like elephant god .pls spare him.

  • Avni Jain

    Please let the animal be in it’s natural habitat.jus cuz they can’t speak for their freedom doesn’t mean humans take advantage of it.God’s creatures have been created and have been placed where they have to one can take that right from them.

  • Prateem Ghosh

    Pls be human for once and release the poor animal..

  • AMY

    This is si sad how people can Do something like this

  • Ayush Katyal

    Pleas stop this cruelty :( – Sundar

  • Diana

    I wish that the elephant Sunder is treated in a more humane manner and not be subjected to abuse..he must be placed in Bangalore as soon as possible as to avoid him a more trouble. Thank you.

  • Anita Moos

    Please move this gentle animal ! Please don’t make him suffer any more ! What could someone possibly achieve by keeping him chained and tortured by people who merely view him as property ! He is alive and feels pain as much as you and me !

  • Ashish Thourani

    Please release him and shift him as soon as possible…..

  • Sohini

    Please please rescue him. He deserves a good treatment.

  • Sudipto Mukherjee

    Please PETA allow us to write a petition to all the above three mentioned email address through this page. This way i think more people will write to the above mentioned email addresses and i hope that helps.

  • Sirpa Björkbacka

    Cruelly to animals


  • VaraKalyan

    Please stop cruelty towards animals. I urge authorities to save sunder and give immediate medication

  • Joanne

    this is very cruel to this elephant could loose the leg with the tightness of rubbing on it with rope someone should step in and do something about ; come help this elephant :


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